Ecoduct Low Profile PVC Duct

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Tom Pausak
  • Steve Kump
  • Marinko Pausak

Commissioned By:

Tom Pausak

Steve Kump

Marinko Pausak

Designed In:


Ecoduct is an Australian made low profile PVC duct commonly used for limited space apartment exhaust applications. Ecoduct is an Australian made product and consists of up to 50 % recycled PVC. It is 100% recyclable.

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  • Designing the ideal size for Ecoduct to fit into limited ceiling spaces whilst still achieving maximum airflow's to meet design requirements. To achieve fire rating and smoke index as per AS1530.3-1999 test as well as the UL181.11-2013 test. This was to comply to the same stringent standards as sheet metal duct work.

  • We worked with multiple design/mechanical engineers and spent over a year testing many different designs. We designed the fittings from an installers point of view to ensure we reduced the static pressure through the system whilst keeping the optimal size to achieve maximum airflow. With the help of chemical engineers in conjunction with AWTA we were able to meet and/or exceed all required fire and smoke standards.

  • Working with some of the best chemists in the country we were able to achieve a compliant PVC formulation. Whilst working on the formulation we were able to introduce recycled material with our raw material supply and gain Best Environmental Practice Certificate through the Australian Vinyl Council which has made Ecoduct the only only Green Star Compliant product of it's kind in the country which exceeded what we originally set out to achieve.

  • By achieving Best Practice PVC certification through a third party auditor Ecoduct guarantees adherence to the best practice guidelines so at the end of it’s life no part of Ecoduct should ever reach landfill. Ecoduct formulation does not contain any lead stabilizers that are found 100% of the time in imported PVC ducting products. Ecoduct will not leach toxic chemicals.