Eco-friendly Incineration Toilets from Cinderella Eco Group

  • 2019

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    Hardware and Building

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Cinderella Eco Group AS

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The patented incineration technology developed by Cinderella Eco Group for their waterless incinerating toilets is uniquely designed to meet consumer needs for the comforts of home combined with the demands of a completely sustainable solution that leaves no ecologically detrimental footprint. The only remains are ashes free of all pathogens.

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  • Cinderella Eco Group first designed their incineration toilets 20 years ago to meet the needs of the leisure home owner in Norway, where cottages are often built in difficult or sensitive terrain without access to sewage systems – and often quite far away from civilization. The need to supply a user-friendly sustainable indoor toilet solution to replace the often-primitive outdoor outhouses was pressing. The Cinderella Incineration Toilet uses no water and needs no sewage hook-up. It is easy to install and requires a minimal upkeep as well as a minimal handling of remains: ashes documented free of all pathogens.

  • Providing the leisure home owner with a sustainable sanitation solution where all waste is burned, met with the need to design a simple, safe and fail-proof system with an installation kit, complete with air-flow pipes, a maintenance kit and the commode itself, complete with the incineration unit at the base. The system has been perfected to enhance user-friendliness and efficient aftermarket service which entails a full-scale service every five years, where the owner can easily remove the light-weight commode and deliver it to their local dealer. The toilets are approved and accredited by the prevailing institutions wherever Cinderella is sold.

  • As the only quality product of its kind on the market, tested, developed and improved and officially certified over the last 20 years, the innovative engineering design has met with attention from government institutions, the Gates Foundation’s Reinvented Toilet initiative and many independent researchers and developers, winning Best-in-test from Europe’s largest test laboratory, Testfakta. The global demand for a safe, pathogen-free, waterless sanitation solution meets the needs of a society where water is scarce and diseases from poor sanitation are prevalent. The components are recyclable and the output values to air and ashes are free of all harmful ingredients.

  • Cinderella Eco Group is a privately owned family business, part of the Sjøvik Group, rooted in the fishing industry, in its fourth generation. The family’s head office is located in the picturesque fjord-landscape of Midsund off the coast of Molde in North-western Norway. The company currently employs 55 people in locations in Norway, Sweden, Europe and Canada in addition to partners and dealerships in the Nordic Region, Europe, North America and Australia. The Cinderella has approximately 75 000 units distributed in these countries with a long product life, providing aftermarket service to the consumer and thus ensuring jobs for over 200 people. Today, quality, sustainability and ethical values are important to Cinderella Eco Group with Mrs Gunhild Sjøvik as Group CEO, believing firmly that the responsibility of developing the market for Cinderella Incineration Toilets not only provides jobs, but it impacts both local and global society. Leadership entails management through respect, not ownership, she believes, and the code of ethics and sustainability goals are closely aligned with the UN Sustainability Goals where no 3: Health for all and no 6: Clean Water and Safe Sanitation for all, are of particular importance. Please visit Cinderella’s website where this is described: