DRAW – Stylus for Augmented Reality

  • 2016

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • Jorge Trevino

Commissioned By:

Jorge Trevino

Designed In:


DRAW is a stylus for Augmented and Virtual Reality devices. It can be used to draw virtual commands to get information about things or places, or even as a form of artistic expression by virtually painting and drawing anywhere in the world.

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  • With DRAW, you can virtually write commands to perform different activities such as taking a picture, recording videos, getting information about anything, taking notes, and even painting. By simply drawing a circle around an image on a magazine, or around a real time image of the Eiffel Tower, we can get information about what they are and their history. We can take pictures by writing the letter "P", record videos by "VR" and even Translate text to any language desired by writing: "TR Eng" Please see the DRAW Commands Image for more information.

  • The Millennial Generation enjoys traveling, adventure, and is driven by passion. With this, creative and artistic careers are increasing their importance, while technology and social media becomes a vital part of their daily lives. Taking into consideration these two factors, DRAW is designed to compliment the upcoming Augmented, and Virtual Reality technologies, plus allowing self and artistic expression at the same time.

  • Inspired by Urban Art, DRAW can be held as a spray can. The set of LEDs on the tip of the stylus give feedback about the color we are currently using to paint, the same way spray cans gush paint after using them. Using technologies and devices such as Google GLASS or Hololens, we could paint anywhere we wanted and share it with social media. Anyone wearing an Augmented Reality device could find your painting exactly where you made it. The options and possibilities are endless, from writing reviews of restaurants right next to their walls, to writing notes and painting murals. Through the DRAW app, you can also see the map where other artist have painted, and discover new paintings around the world.

  • DRAW encourages developers to create new apps to compliment the stylus, whether its a note app, a painting game, or even a real time review on restaurants and businesses.

    DRAW is designed inspired on spray cans. With a black anodized aluminium body and a silver anodized aluminium top, it creates a beautiful contrast between the top button and the main body. The top button can be used to paint holding the device like a spray can. To turn on the stylus, simply slide up the side slider with your thumb. This movement is the same as the one we do when opening a spray can with one hand. The colors are indicated through the set of LEDs on the top button, and can be changed by sliding your thumb left or right. DRAW also has a tip to write like if holding a normal pen, or pencil. Its shape is inspired by old stylographs and has a small ball point to virtually write on any surface.