Domestic Vertical Garden

  • 2017

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    Housewares and Objects

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Citysens is a customizable and self-watering indoor vertical garden, a unique design to enjoy more plants at home or at the office without any hassle.

Citysens was born when we realized about the gap between nature and urban lifestyle.

Nowadays more than 50% of world population live in cities, where people live with less space and less time to enjoy nature in their spaces.

The Citysens vertical garden used design to bring nature to urban lifestyle.

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  • Citysens vertical design allocates 4 plants in the same space of 1 planter. Moreover, Citysens modular design makes it a customizable product: final user can choose the color, height and plant position. The Citysens indoor vertical garden includes a self-watering system which mimics the water cycle in nature: all water that is not used by plants is collected and used again in the next watering. The automatic irrigation system can adapt to hydroponics or for plants with soil.

  • Citysens vertical garden is easily mounted in 2 minutes: at the same time that the structure is assembled, the vertical self-watering system is connected. Citysens users can enjoy a wide variety of plants, from orchids to aromatic herbs. Irrigation controller is programmable to all sorts of plants. The irrigation system can be controlled with an app In your smart phone using our WiFi timer. Citysens self-watering system can irrigate indoor plants for more than 31 days autonomously. That makes the experience of having plants at home extremely comfortable, since the user can go on holidays without worrying about plants.

  • Citysens helps clients enjoy more plants in less space for a longer period of time. In average, houseplants live 3 months and Citysens spans the lifetime of plants, increasing clients happiness and reducing waste generation.

  • Citysens helps people enjoy more plants in their home or working spaces. At the same time that people enjoy more green in their space, air polution is reduced and globally cities become greener spaces. We aim to fill our cities with green spots, thus transforming our cities. Moreover, Citysens parts are mounted and packed in a work center for people with special needs in Tarragona (Spain). In this way we achieve a product with positive social and environmental impact.