Dittoki Chopsticks

  • 2019

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Commissioned By:

Dittoki Ltd

Cumulo Group

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Dittoki is a Chopstick Company on a mission to eliminate single-use, disposable chopsticks. The Dittoki re-usable chopsticks have been designed with a focus on transit, storage and re-usability- making the decision to avoid single-use, disposable chopsticks an easy one.

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  • In China alone 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are produced every year. This results in 20 million mature trees being felled annually, an unsustainable position. While reusable chopsticks exist already, an easy to carry and store chopstick set that provides a chopstick solution for takeaway meals is lacking. Dittoki aims to fill this void with a simple, easy to use and fun product.

  • The Dittoki Chopstick pair have been designed to neatly lock together, with the tip of each stick inserting into the base of the other stick. This feature keeps the tips of the chopsticks clean and protected during transit and storage, while also keeping the pair together to avoid loss. The silicone chopstick stand holds the tips of the sticks off the table while eating, and tightly slides over the sticks to further assist in keeping the sticks snuggly held together during transit.

  • Every time the Dittoki Chopsticks are reused they are effectively recycled end-to-end at no cost, with no resource usage, and with no down-cycling. Dittoki chopsticks present the first pair of chopsticks designed specifically for transit and reuse, targeting the need for a reusable chopstick solution for takeaway dining situations. Dittoki Chopsticks present a real solution for the huge number of disposable chopsticks thrown into landfill every year.

  • Dittoki’s unique design with interlocking tips and silicone holder that transitions into a chopstick stand during use is simple and specifically focused on easy transit, storage and reuse. With a focus ensuring the Dittoki Chopsticks are ready and available for easy takeaway use, either carried in a handbag, backpack, or car glovebox. Or stored in a drawer at work or home.