Dimple Contacts

  • 2019

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

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  • Universal Favourite

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Dimple Contacts

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Launched in Australia, Dimple is a direct-to-consumer daily contact lens subscription service. Universal Favourite worked with Dimple to reposition a traditionally clinical, impersonal product by creating a lifestyle brand that truly resonates with its millennial-skewed market.

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  • In Australia, four manufacturers control 97% of the market. With this monopoly, there has been little to no effort required to brand their products. Packaging has always been designed with the optometrist in mind — storable, stackable — leaving a sea of white, clinical branding that lacks any connection with its consumers. The challenge was to create a new, truly customer-centric brand that better addresses the needs of a millennial audience wanting more from the way they experience everyday products. This would be a ‘lifestyle’ brand, but being a medical product, it was crucial to also convey a sense of trust.

  • At the heart of the identity system is a suite of 60 colourful, complementary circles that correspond to each eye power number (-12.00 to +6.00) and combine to show the vast number of combinations of individual prescriptions. The brand system doesn’t just look beautiful, but answers the flaw in existing blister packs – by creating these custom patterns (IDs) for each individual power number and displaying them boldly on each blister, it’s significantly easier to identify the correct pack for each eye. The unique ID’s also promote a vibrant community of contact lens wearers, building a platform for social media.

  • When designing the Dimple packaging, we ensured all materials, from the product boxes, sleeves and mailers were 100% recyclable. We supported this with key messaging throughout the user experience to provide additional education on the importance of responsible recycling of packaging, as well as important information on the disposal of lenses. Dimple is more than just meets the eye. A portion of each Dimple order goes directly to training their own sponsored guide dogs in partnership with Guide Dogs Australia, allowing every customer to contribute to creating a better life for someone with impaired vision.

  • Our art direction centres on a vibrant community of contact lens wearers and packs a highly visual punch. Shot by Jonathan May, it celebrates the individual quirks of each member of the community and the freedom to have fun that contact lenses provide them. By partnering with the Benito Martin and Jessica Johnson for our product shoot and Lyndon Foss for our lifestyle shoot, we built a comprehensive and flexible suite of brand assets that could be used across web, communications, social and advertising in the year following the launch. We also brought the brand to life in the digital space, incorporating the key brand assets to enhance the user experience. Part of this included designing an innovative and interactive purchasing method that puts selecting your prescription power at the front and centre of the process. Our bold, easy-to-use interface makes the purchasing process easy, providing visual easter eggs throughout sign-up. The willingness of Dimple to upturn an unadventurous market meant we had an incredibly exciting purpose: create a truly tailored brand that puts users at the centre of the experience — shifting the way they consume and interact with their contact lens provider.