De’Longhi Vintage Freestanding Cooker

  • 2017

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    Domestic Appliances

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United Kingdom

De’Longhi’s Vintage Freestanding Cooker was designed with elements of a 1950’s classic cooker, combined with the luxury of modern technology. The iconic design and colour creates a stunning showpiece in any kitchen. Available in Glossy Black, White Ivory, and Race Red, this product is created to be enjoyed.

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  • The design of the Vintage Freestanding Cooker creates the initial emotive response. This is shaped by a number of design elements fused together. The brushed metal hand rail at the front is also functional - used as a safety barrier between the user and the gas cooktop, or as storage for cooking utensils. The sturdy design of the control knobs gives a professional and robust feeling, whilst also being practical and easy to use. They have been designed with ergonomics in mind, made with metal and smooth rubber to increase grip, and giving the user the sense of the strength and stability of the appliance. The curved back trim with embossed logo, and front base plinth complete the Vintage aesthetic.

  • A cooking appliance should be simple and intuitive, providing precision cooking without compromising on technology. The oven itself is a large family size gross capacity of 110L, with fully programmable electric multifunction, including rotisserie and accurate temperature control. Telescopic shelf runners are included, to provide a safer, premium feeling when checking or removing dishes. The cooktop comes with 5 burners, including a powerful centre Dual burner - two flame rings combine to provide a faster and more flexible cooking experience. Heavy duty cast iron supports provide stability and durability, while the flame failure safety cut-off feature will shut off the flow of gas if the flame is extinguished.

  • All De'Longhi appliances are designed with consumer safety as a priority. There are both design and technical elements to protect from harm. A sturdy front handrail serves as a guard, stopping consumers from accidentally brushing against the gas burners. The flame failure system on the gas burners will automatically shut off the gas when the flame extinguishes. Telescopic sliding shelves in the oven allow consumers to safely and easily check and remove dishes. The oven door contains double glazed glass to ensure heat remains inside the cavity, and surface temperatures are within safety standard limits. A wall bracket is provided to safeguard against tipping, and much more.

  • De'Longhi's Vintage Freestanding Cooker is produced in the ELBA factory in Borso del Grappa, Italy. The factory has over 115 years of manufacturing experience and expertise that is continually improved upon. All stages of the manufacturing process are control in-house, from the sheet of stainless steel, to each screw in the assembly process. This is combined with a system of procedures, tests, and records to ensure the utmost level of quality in every product.

    During the manufacturing process, only the highest quality raw materials are sourced as components, and assembled in modular pieces to ensure that every product is removable and recyclable. To minimise wastage, parts of this oven are also used in other models, to ensure maximum exploitation of tooling and design production. Further to this, electricity and gas efficiency has been conceived to ensure the right balance between efficiency and performance.

    The De'Longhi Vintage Freestanding Cooker has been constructed and positioned to align with De'Longhi's cooking strategy - affordable Italian quality products. This model provides a premium aesthetic, at a much more affordable price point than some competitive models. There is no compromise on features and functionality, with the Vintage cooker providing an array of performance features to ensure superior cooking experience.