Orbitkey Ring V2

  • 2023

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Building on the success of the original design, the Orbitkey Ring v2 now comes with durable all-metal construction for extra durability. The newly improved patent-pending locking mechanism has been designed so that it’s even easier-to-use by a wider range of demographics.

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  • It can be difficult to add or remove keys from a regular keyring since it often requires a sharp tool or risking damage to your fingernails to open it. This may cause people to carry more items on their keyring than necessary without realising it. The Orbitkey Ring was created to address this problem by offering an easy and convenient way to add or remove keys. The main goal for this new version was to accommodate a broader range of keys and keyfobs, whilst improving durability and user-friendliness.

  • We removed plastic from the original design and opted for Stainless Steel 304 in the Orbitkey Ring, creating a sturdy and sleek profile that fits a wider range of keys, keyfobs, and accessories. Our new, patent-pending locking mechanism is both secure and user-friendly. The sculpted locking tab offers a comfortable grip and can be easily unlocked by pulling and rotating the quick-release lock. Attaching or detaching keys has never been simpler.

  • At our company, we believe in the power of innovation and design to positively impact people's lives. When we receive feedback from our loyal customers regarding their experience with the original design and suggestions for improvement, we take on the challenge and deliver. We're proud to offer an improved product that delivers on its original promise in a more meaningful and user-friendly way. Through product stress-testing, it also has a much longer lifetime. This reflects our commitment to creating meaningful products that last.

  • Increased Compatibility: The new Orbitkey Ring has a slimmer design, allowing it to accommodate a wider variety of keys, keyfobs, and accessories from different countries and manufacturers. This improved compatibility ensures that more users can benefit from the convenience and flexibility offered by our innovative key-carrying solution. Updated Locking Mechanism: Our new, patent-pending locking mechanism is simpler and more reliable, making it easier for users across various demographics to operate the Ring. This user-friendly design ensures that adding or removing keys is a hassle-free experience, further enhancing the overall utility and convenience of the Orbitkey Ring. Improved Aesthetics: We have paid close attention to the form and surface finishes of the new Orbitkey Ring, striking a balance between beauty and functionality. The refined aesthetics of the Ring not only make it visually appealing but also complement its enhanced performance and usability features.