• 2022

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

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Deji Plaza provides a unique combination of cultural-arts complex and commercial facility. What makes our design stands out is that we got rid of walls between spaces entirely. By eliminating partitions, it freed the space from the boundaries between inside and outside—giving customers a little “preview” before entering.

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  • The demand for shopping at physical stores dropped significantly when the recent pandemic started. More people felt comfortable shopping online. Our lifestyle has changed dramatically, and the joy of shopping physically was taken away.

  • We believe what satisfies people isn’t just simply buying product, but it is the entire experience before and after it. We design the facility not just to offer a beautiful place, but to provide a space that people can enjoy quality time. What people can experience there is something people wouldn’t be able to experience if they were shopping online.

  • By combining cultural-arts complex and commercial facility, it elevated the brand value of the mall. It gives people opportunity to experience art and culture even if they just came for shopping, and vice versa. Our design made the luxury mall feel less exclusive and more comfortable for everyone to stop by and enjoy.

  • One of the important design features for this plaza is that it reflects the people and city of Nanjing. Our design team lived in Nanjing for several months to get the sense of it. We incorporated the beauty you would see in the city such as lights filtering through lines of Aogiri trees on street. We noticed Nanjing doesn’t need a trendy flashy mall. We designed this plaza to complements the calm and classy feeling of Nanjing.