Deco Eco

  • 2016

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    Housewares and Objects

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Deco Eco

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Deco Eco consists of two words; Decoration and Eco system.

These products are designed and made considering international sustainable standards and conforming environmental basis.

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  • Deco Eco products are manufactured from thin layers of wood and polished with natural and veggie oils in the way that they can be produced even in small workshop in order to have an effective step taken in creating more job opportunities as well as sustainable and clean products. The design of these products is such a way that has the minimum waste of raw material. Moreover, we designed them in a round-shaped that results in better and easier visual perception and less harm for body. It can be used either for decoration or common use. Its curved form results in easier use regarding ergonomy for the user.

  • The wood used in this product has the grade of Forests For all Forever (FSC) and originated from industrial and licensed woodlands. Furthermore, treatment of the product with 6 different kind of veggie oils , Linseed oil, Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, Sunflower oil, Soyboean oil and Thistle oil results in an anti -bacterial and anti-alergic product which is resistant against water, humidity and sunlight (UV protect). The natural raw material used in this product makes it 100% sustainable and layers sorted in it makes it resistant against bending.

  • Due to the circular cuttings and the sizing of this object, it has the minimum waste. Because the nested circular cuts are used to make different sizes of the product and moreover the wastes remained of the circular cuts are used to make smaller objects like: spoon, fork and saltshaker. In order to make this product, the plywood sheets are laid and adhered together after cutting. Then by turning machine the proper form is applied to the object and this is followed by sanding 3 times to achieve a smooth surface. The process is continued by applying 2 times primer oil and sanding, 2 times main oil and sanding and finalized by applying 2 times hard oil and treating with special tape.

  • Regarding the very low waste of this product, because the splinters resulted by cuttings could be used in packaging, the attractive and luxe form and the easy and quick production process of this product, it has a very high financial interest. To be creative in sorting the layers in terms of thickness, colors and the angle of the sorting leads to great variations of forms and shapes.