Danxia the Heirloom

  • 2019

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

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Grand Developments Co.Ltd

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We have dreamed of building a landscape to live in—whatever the costs of construction—a legacy home for its owners to pass down from generation to generation. What’s in our mind is the landscape of Danxia, where red sedimentary rocks stand magnificent, solidly constructed and beautifully designed, the dream comes true.

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  • To represent the natural landscape of Danxia seemed a mission virtually impossible. It would involve not only the perfect medium but also absolute mastery of art and craftsmanship. A fruitful quest in China, has enabled the architects to create the image of the spectacular mountains in Danxia by using rocks that have the texture of granite and the streaks of marble. Pieced together, the stone outer walls capture the tremendous natural beauty of gigantic mountains, while the greyish white streaks on the surface bear resemblance to shimmering waterfalls tumbling down. The building thus takes on an enriched rhythm, gentle luster.

  • Then there’s the work of reproducing the winding lines of the mountains. Sculptors from Taiwan and China have engaged in the design of the curved balcony walls, working closely with architects and experts in stonemasonry and using innovative methods to attain the perfect hyperbolic geometry to model after the curves of the gargantuan rocks in Danxia. Oblique-hewed faces of Indian black granite encapsulate the special texture and quality of the varied striations of the red sedimentary rocks, adding expressiveness to the curved walls.

  • It'is enthusiastically applauded for its excellent location, unique design, and forward-looking architectural concepts. Its residents are blessed with the privilege of living in a quintessential landscape of mountains, water and trees. It is a ground-breaking work that opens up a new architectural horizon. This rock-like home is a long-lasting legacy that will stand tall for generations to come. Each floor in the residence is a marvel. The basement in each unit is an atrium of fair-faced concrete that resembles Chinese splash-ink paintings. With the skylight and green trees, it serves many functions, such as acting as an excellent private club.

  • A landscape is never perfect without trees. With the two parks across the streets, the residents of Danxia the Heirloom relish immense greenness and a wonderful view, which makes life here laid-back and pleasurable. The luxuriant foliage inside the residence, on the other hand, is carefully picked and laid out in a special way to be greatly enjoyed from within; seen from without, it has a look of lush greenness cascading down a cliff. Danxia the Heirloom is also forward-looking in much of its design, For example, an electric vehicle charging system and an independent electricity meter have been planned for future use, which shows our attempt to take the future needs of the residents into consideration. Outside the grand living room on the second floor is a spacious terrace most coveted in urban life; the third-floor balcony with curved walls is a relaxed leisure space loved by all. The fifth floor has an elevated ceiling as high as six meters and can serve as a sky lounge, a study, and so on. Its panoramic French windows connect those staying indoors with the greenery outside, whereas the rooftop terrace is a wonderful locale for the viewing of city light.