D700+ LED Downlight

  • 2016

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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Brightgreen’s high-performance D700+ LED downlight incorporates numerous design innovations to provide more flexible, sustainable and ambient interior lighting.

Featuring a deeply recessed light source designed to minimise glare, the D700+ can be paired with a range on interchangeable fascias and filters – unlocking limitless styling and lighting effect options.

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  • Featuring a patented low-glare lens deeply recessed into the body of the fitting, the D700+ allows designers to achieve better ambient illumination than is possible with other downlights currently available on the market. By shielding the light source from the viewer's direct line of sight, the D700+ has been proven to reduce Unified Glare Ratings, offering both increased visual comfort and a unique aesthetic impact. Providing the perfect tool for adding visual interest to interior spaces, the luminare's directional 55-degree beam provides designers with the ability to work with both light and shadow - offering precision illumination that is not possible with diffused alternatives on the market.

  • Designed to adapt to suit any aesthetic, the customisable D700+ provides more control over the style, colour and effect of interior lighting schemes. The D700+ can be installed trimless, creating a seamless look between the fitting and the ceiling, or paired with any of the following interchangeable attachments: Fascias (available in silver, black and paintable white finishes) • Flatline - simple styling • Portal - a focused beam • Capsule - an oblong beam • Heavyweight - bold defininition Filters • Honeycomb - a focused beam • Opaque diffuser - an even wash of light • Amber - colour correction, or an extra warm glow • Blue - colour correction, or a blue tint

  • Offering homeowners the ability to alter their lighting scheme over the years, without having to replace the core unit, the D700+ is designed to evolve with changing interiors - reducing the risk of the product becoming outdated and being replaced before it reaches the end of its lifespan. To ensure that the product does not end up in landfill when it does eventually expire, the D700+ can be sold back to the company for recycling as part of the Brightgreen buy-back scheme. The D700+ is 98% recyclable and free from environmentally toxic materials.

  • Surpassing industry standards in colour rendering, the D700+ is measured against Brightgreen's advanced Tru-Colour metric. Tru-Colour light illuminates higher levels of more colours on the visible spectrum to represent interiors and the people in them more accurately. As a result, the white light projected by the D700+ complements interior details, colours and skin tones, making them appear more vibrant and lifelike.

    By eliminating air leakage and the need for gaps in insulation, the D700+ stands to drastically reduce home heating and cooling energy usage, increasing overall home thermal efficiency. Thanks to its airtight, universal gimbal and IC rating, the D700+ can boost insulation R-values by up to 0.5. The D700+ offers unmatched longevity, efficiency and value for money with an RRP of only $79.00 AUD.

    The D700+ features a market-leading digital driver that has been engineered to provide flicker-free, deep dimming and seamless performance with home automation systems. Incorporating digital control in multiple stage topologies, the driver is optimised to eliminate troubleshooting when installing the product with smart control systems, as well as prolonging the product's lifetime and protecting against surges. The fitting's light and compact heatsink is a design innovation that further facilitates easy installation, particularly in small roof cavities. Designed using finite element analysis, the heatsink ensures the fitting stays safe and cool even when abutted and covered with insulation.