Custodian Secure Bathroom Range

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Enware Design Team

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The Custodian™ Range is the complete secure bathroom solution designed to improve the rehabilitative process. Providing safety and security with enhanced comfort and care, the Custodian range offers a more normalized bathroom experience to assist therapeutic efforts with an aim to reduce recidivism.

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Image: Brad Dall, Jack McWatters
Image: Brad Dall, Jack McWatters
Image: Brad Dall, Jack McWatters
Image: Brad Dall, Jack McWatters
Image: Brad Dall, Jack McWatters
Image: Brad Dall, Jack McWatters
Image: Brad Dall, Jack McWatters
Image: Brad Dall, Jack McWatters
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  • Enware’s Custodian Range was designed in direct response to the broader social challenge around breaking the cycle of recidivism and making our communities safer. The challenge was to create a range of in cell secure bathroom fittings that offer more than the basic human rights of sanitation and hydration. The design objective involved creating positive social impact by designing a therapeutic tool that can help assist with one’s rehabilitation. To enhance the bathroom experience by providing dignity, comfort and normalizing the environment through enabling personal control over daily activities like showering, toileting and cleaning that help with personal recovery.

  • The Custodian range is designed as a therapeutic tool, assisting rehabilitation by offering greater individual control and enhance user comfort. Its design aligns with the familiar; being homelike in its aesthetic, style, and functionality. It’s designed to be safe, secure and extremely robust to ensure it is fit for the harsh environment as well as safeguard users so they cannot harm themselves or others with the product after installation or through misuse. The Custodian™ provides safety and security with enhanced comfort and care. It is a complete secure bathroom solution designed break the cycle of recidivism and create safer communities.

  • Daily tasks involving personal hygiene, hydration and water are highly valued inside a prison as they are the one thing an inmate controls and the only thing that represents a sense of normality. The Custodian range design objective was to re-frame the role of bathroom fittings within this environment to become a therapeutic tool to assist rehabilitation and reduce the impact of reoccurring crime within our society. This re-positioning of the product’s design philosophy has elevated its importance within correctional environments now proven through current market acceptance and new build specifications into over 2000 cells across 3 projects in 2020.

  • The normalization of custodial environments is consistently supported by evidence to help rehabilitate and reduce recidivism. However this design principle is slow to adapt because industry is risk adverse due to legacy around self-harm and vandalism, while society, in general, see prisons as a place of punishment as opposed to a place of restoration. The correlation that exists between personal hygiene and one’s health and well being is essential to ensuring a positive social impact when inmates re-enter back into society. The ability to empower choice and personalization over daily bathroom experiences and the normalized approach to the design of the Custodian Range helps aid rehabilitation and reduce recidivism. The Custodian® is a fully electronic, modular bathroom range that supports a wide range of facility layout options and rapid-build construction methods. Designed for fast and easy installation, the handle interfaces plug-and-play with the electronic Smartboard creating a compact, cost effective solution. Controlling the safe delivery of water to the basin and shower by an electronic thermostatic mixing vale contained within the Smart board, the Custodian® system can be networked into whole of site water management system designed to optimize the sustainability of the facility.