Nuage Mixer Collection

  • 2023

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    Hardware and Building

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Phoenix Tapware

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Phoenix’s Nuage collection is a mixer range that blurs the boundaries between the man-made and the natural. Its organic design language comprising of exquisitely pillowed surfaces creates a truly unique aesthetic that adds a softening touch to any bathroom space.

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  • Nuage presents a unique challenge in designing a truly beautiful object that maintains its functionality and distinctive design language in a wide range of bathroom settings. The design of each product in the range required precise intentionality in order to maintain complete visual consistency across the entire range, regardless of the individual product’s intended use and position within the bathroom space.

  • Each product in the Nuage range is formed using precise casting processes and each surface is meticulously hand polished to achieve its soft, organic feel adding an artisanal quality to each individual product. Phoenix has also incorporated a unique in-wall body system that allows the handle and dress plate to move independently of components behind the wall. This maintains the visual relationship between exterior components that the user can see, even though installation distances may differ between installations. This guarantees a sense of uniformity throughout all products in the range, even when comparing bench mounted products to wall mounted products.

  • Nuage’s relaxed organic forms help evoke a sense of calm and peacefulness in a bathroom environment - A feeling that is of great benefit in our increasingly fast-paced and stressful lives. Each piece beckons users to explore the tactile properties of its surfaces in detail and find enjoyment in the simple pleasures of everyday routines such as washing and bathing. Creating interior spaces that serve our mental wellbeing as well as our physical needs is key to improving our overall welfare, and Nuage fits this need perfectly.

  • The entire Nuage range is available in Phoenix’s most luxurious colored finishes like Brushed Nickel and Brushed Carbon – These finishes perfectly complement Nuage’s organic design language, emphasizing its effortless surfaces and highlighting its relaxed curves design lines. Like all Phoenix products, the well-being of the user and the environment has also been prioritized in the design of Nuage, right down to material composition and selection. All Nuage mixer products make use of new lead-free brass materials, minimizing exposure to lead and other harmful materials that can be found in standard brass products.