CushionCore Footwear Technology

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Blundstone Australia Pty Ltd

Commissioned By:

Blundstone Australia Pty Ltd

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Blundstone Australia developed innovative sole technology to deliver unprecedented comfort in its John Bull footwear range.

The revolutionary CushionCore uses a four-layer system to absorb energy at the heel and disperse it, as well as provide rebound at the front of the foot.

The direct injection manufacturing process is a world-first.

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  • The CushionCore technology means more comfort and less fatigue. Independent laboratory testing found that creating the optimum level of cushioning at the heel causes the heel to sink deeper and distributes the force from mainly vertical to a more horizontal spread. This causes a flatter force distribution and lower peak pressure in the heel and forefoot, meaning the wearer is less likely to develop soreness. The heel is cupped to greater extent and is more stable, providing benefits for the entire foot and body. 40% of Australians have a foot problem in their lifetime, with lower backache, headaches, indigestion and a misaligned spine often traced to foot problems. Well-made footwear prevents injury and pain.

  • Blundstone created an innovation in injection-moulded footwear that has seen world-first technology incorporated into the soles of CushionCore boots. Insole sensors were used to conduct gait analysis and pressure load-testing. The laboratory research regime was backed with extensive wear trials and independent testing of the materials and footwear. Blundstone collaborated with the soling material supplier to develop the best combination of materials to deliver the reduction in peak force, resulting in the ultimate in comfort. Achieving this technology required research and collaboration with other partners to create the first direct injection machine in the world able to deliver the unique dual-density midsole.

  • This latest CushionCore technology sees two compounds injected into the midsole, one providing superior shock absorption at the heel and the other providing rebound at the forepart as the wearer steps forwards. The world-first moulding technology results in a dual injection midsole, allowing different soling compounds to be used in different sections of the midsole. The result is a sole that provides shock dispersement in the critical heel strike zone and bounce at the forefront. The added benefits of this technology are designed to last for the lifetime of the product - the shock absorption and rebound effect won't weaken as time passes.

  • As part of the design, research and development process, Blundstone sourced new and innovative materials not previously used in footwear. Blundstone representatives attended various trial sites to ensure correct fitting and obtaining quality feedback. Technologies and designs not previously considered in the field were successfully combined to design a product that provides a level of life of product comfort not previously achieved.

    CushionCore has fundamentally changed soling technology and comfort. A strong research and development ethic enabled our designers to devise new technology that has been extremely well received in the market: "The new John Bull styles are brilliant" says Karam. "Best boots I've ever worn" - Matt - Carpenter "These boots are great, my back no longer aches at the end of the day" - Brayden - Plasterer