CTS Chengdu Ocean Spring Showing Center

  • 2019

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Designed By:

  • Chun-Jui Chiu
  • Shaonan Tong
  • Yu Deng

Commissioned By:

Chun-Jui Chiu

Shaonan Tong

Yu Deng

Designed In:


Chengdu Ocean Spring is located in Jingtang county, in the northeast of Chengdu, with the water city in Tianfu Garden. It is about 35 kilometers from the center of Chengdu, and is adjacent to the triathlon international arena, with convenient transportation and excellent ecological environment.

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  • This project belongs to the Culture-tourism project, composed of Spa hotels, Villas, High rise zone. On the initial stage of project, it is mainly as the sales center for showing, reception and business. The main design body is a modern simple building with two floors. Built in the hinterland of white horse lake, surrounded by s sides water, due to the terrain fluctuation, there is a gap between the water bank and the lake, the designer adopt a multilayer retreat of architecture and close -water method, The exterior wall is enclosed with a panoramic glass curtain wall.

  • Ji Cheng’s “Art of Garden-Building” includes rich aesthetic concepts of garden-making. The whole building is very similar to the scenary of this book, Half building on the shore, half on the water, with all sides open, very transparent, to the east visitors can overlook longquan mountains hazy mountain scenery, to the southwest , visitors could enjoy the winding north river scenery.. Twilight of mountain, beautiful trees and shade, people, moonlight, flowers as well as the scene of universe, all of them could be seen here. Maybe it is the view of "Sit here and see all things" .

  • The designer use “Shu Mountain Traveling Map”as the concept, extracting cloud, mountain, water, stone element for indoor design, and adopt romanticism expression method. After purification of the flowing layer view of abstraction, it is visualised for interior architecture design. Interior division adopt art glass to show the beauty of mountainous overlapping scenery. The Symmetrical layout of abundant ground grilles are arranged in a wreathing mists world, Progress produces the beauty of order and also strength the deepness of zone. Furthermore, it conceals the column of space, and to create a graceful atmosphere of the enclosed courtyard.

  • The two floors are divided into different functional areas accordingly. The first floor is a club, with a variety of trade form including reading area, fitness area, parent-child interaction area, catering and other leisure and entertainment functions zone. The main function of the second floor is for showing, which including the sand tray model area, negotiation area, signing area and office area for business.