Cross Cube

  • 2017

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    Furniture and Lighting

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  • IHS Global Alliance

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IHS Global Alliance

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The Cross Cube Range is an elegant, unique and multi-use table system for buffet, beverage, cocktail and dining presentations in the hospitality industry.

The sturdy scissor-folding leg design is versatile, light weight and simple to operate, allowing for removable table tops to separate from the legs for storage efficiency and transport.

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  • The simple and elegant form of the Cross Cube is designed to be adaptable and versatile to complement the decor of any hotel or event centre. Smart tabletops are reversible to set the mood for different day/night functions with a wide range of tabletop materials including glass, laminate, wood veneers and colour changing LED panels. Square, straight leg styles or curved, round profiles with a range of stainless steel and antique rustic finishes are available. The system comes in three basic types, Lock-top, Corner-top and Set-top which vary the style of tabletop attachment. Combining the versatility of finishes with a range of sizes, heights and styles, allows this basic system to be unique to the hotel owner.

  • The product is exceptionally simple to operate and precision engineered for the tough conditions that are required for daily setup and breakdown of events and functions. The system can extend from free standing cocktail set ups to mobile live cooking. The speed of setup and custom transport systems make this one of the most elegant and functional table systems for the hospitality market. A typical setup for 300 guests can pack up within 10 minutes and store away in a space of 6 square metres. Deep knowledge and experience with operating equipment led to the tops featuring a stainless-steel frame, avoiding the inevitable damage experienced with most commercial edging systems in this punishing environment.

  • Safety for the operator is the primary focus for a product that is handled every day and designed to be set up by a single user for most table sizes. Finger traps, sharp edges, awkward handling, and safe transport are all major design considerations of this product. Safety of the guest is also an important consideration for ease of access, stability and functional ergonomic heights designed for the particular function, food service or display.

  • As pioneers of the naked conferencing and buffet systems, IHS has taken on the responsibility to remove unnecessary skirting and tablecloths in function rooms. If a table is elegantly designed and well maintained, then a tablecloth or skirt is not required to cover the often dirty and damaged folding tables underneath. This factor alone saves an enormous amount of laundering, bleaching and starching of linens, avoiding chemicals and saving valuable water resources. The key to achieving this is having an attractive robust table system manufactured from long lasting sustainable materials and providing convenient and practical transport systems that enable users to care for the investment for long term returns.

    Quality is an expectation in our business, especially for our particular customer segment and is part of our competitive advantage. Products are locally manufactured in Melbourne using high quality raw materials, are precision fabricated and a have a very high standard of finishing. The Cross Cubes are a successful export item and are in function centres, and on display at some of the most exclusive hotels in the world. This is a testament to our standards of quality and we unconditionally warrant our products against defects in the delivered goods.

    The Cross Cube System has been a very successful product with extensive local and export sales to large hotels chains, exhibition venues and function centres. The attractive look combined with ease of use, quick turnaround times for functions, storage capabilities, savings on linen / laundering and superior operational returns are a winning combination. Smart operators recognise the value of the system for display, presentation and function needs. While the initial investment may be higher than some of our low-cost competitors, our brand and reputation justifies the return on investment for our discerning customer base.

    IHS are specialists in "Table Science" and extensively study how tables are used in a commercial environment. The Cross Cube was an original concept developed in consultation with some of the largest hotel groups in the world and through observation of how tables were used in buffet displays and function areas. In some ways, the simplicity of the scissor mechanism belies its cleverness. It is a systems that seems so obvious after it has been developed and presented, but the design development effort to produce such a simple, clean and elegant product cannot be underestimated. The table locking system has been patented and designs registered on the overall look and shape of the tables.