BruderX EXP-4

  • 2023

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • Tom O'Connor
  • Jasper McPhee
  • Nick Malt
  • Dan Bosschieter

Commissioned By:

Dan Bosschieter

Toby Bosschieter

Designed In:


Our trailers now provide adventure to owners across the globe. From families travelling throughout the Australian wilderness, to adventurous explorers in Angola, Mongolia, USA, South America, Armenia, Iceland, Middle East and Europe, Bruder has created the capability to support owners globally, through any terrain.

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  • The harsh Australian outback has always posed as the greatest challenge for any overland adventurer. To appreciate the vast natural beauty of our land and beyond we must venture further into the untamed wilderness. The ever increasing interconnectedness of our lives drives an even more insatiable thirst to reconnect with the entropy of wilderness, to go beyond the beaten track; to thrive where few adventurers have before us. Can we experience the vast natural beauty of our land without compromising on style, quality, and comfort?

  • BruderX caravans have been designed with a focus on quality, functionality, and durability to take on the world's toughest terrains and conditions. BruderX has taken a customer-centric approach to designing caravans that meets the needs of modern-day overlanders and adventurers. The caravans are built using the latest technology and materials, which ensure that they are robust and can withstand the harshest environments. The interiors are designed to maximize space, provide comfort, and offer a home-like feel. Our customers can tailor their caravan to their specific needs to provide an exceptional experience in whatever wild adventures they may choose.

  • The world is always in a state of change and not always for the better. The robust, go-anywhere design and engineering of the Bruder EXP-4 allows us to stray further and do more, allowing all; experienced and inexperienced to reconnect and understand what we must preserve and protect. The compact EXP-4 facilitates a relationship between the wilderness and each other. Compact in size, compact in footprint, compact in impact. The EXP-4 leaves nothing behind but allows you to take all of your experiences with you as you leave. The EXP-4 fosters a greater and more appreciative understanding of our world.

  • The EXP-4 features a state of the art suspension system only found in BruderX Campers that allows it to travel unlike any thing else on the market, with a total of 22 inches of adjustment through the use of airbags, dual shocks and uniquely patented design swing arms, situated underneath an excessive, highly strengthened and patented tensile composite body. The faceted design of the pod is framed in aluminum (in some case carbon fiber) and surfaced finished in Raptor bed liner. The light weight pod floats above the earth on all terrain tires; connected to a solid steel chassis, the low footprint camper is available with near full client customization. With a strong aesthetic identity, the EXP-4 features a variety of custom designed products that live within the ecosystem of its use. From Jerry Can Holders featuring the imposing faceted black design scheme to the curated selection of options that further push this aesthetic identity. The intelligent use of both the Garmin and Victron electronic Systems, allow for full off grid capabilities, making the user completely self sufficient, through the use of rechargeable lithium batteries powered by solar and the tow vehicle.