Code Lighting System

  • 2020

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    Furniture and Lighting

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New Zealand

Code is a system of modular lighting components, arranged to create individual and beautiful light fixtures. Created with hand-blown glass and solid brass, the designs and namesake are drawn from the dots and dashes of Morse code.

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Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
Image: Haydn Cattach
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  • The objective for Code was to develop a family of architectural lighting using a novel system of daisy-chain components that easily ‘click’ together, creating an infinite number of design possibilities. To achieve this, we needed to create a system where both a mechanical and electrical connection are made, yet the glass globes alone cannot support the weight of further components and traditional power systems would be visible inside the glass.

  • We achieved a solution by creating a custom extruded aluminium profile running through the glass globes and implementing LED technology in an array around the extrusion. Power runs through the core of the extrusion and a custom designed rotatable power connection allows the seamless connection of the various components - a simple yet complex illusion.

  • Code has been very well received within the industry. For our business the development of the system is a new 'foundation design' - it enables us to add new components in future. This significantly reduces time to market and also multiplies the potential of the end user customisation, to stay on trend as required. From a ecological angle, our investment in 'fixed' LED lighting eliminates replacement bulbs and reduces power consumption over the life of the product.

  • Opposed to a traditional pendant or wall lights, the unique point of difference with the Code system is the novel approach to end user customisation. This system enables the customer to simply interchange pieces to create their own design as they please.