Clipsal Zen Fan

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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The subtle design of Clipsal Zen Fan complements modern and architectural interiors and exteriors. The Zen Fan embraces the beauty of simplicity with its clean lines and matte black finish. It also offers a silent and energy efficient motor, and construction designed to resist Australia’s outdoor environment.

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  • In a crowded market, the challenge is to offer a timeless option that respects users, their modern interiors, their contemporary architecture and the unique Australian environment. A Fan that can complement our Saturn Zen range of switches and sockets to build into a consistent user-experience throughout the home. Users want flexibility in application, regardless if their need is: indoor or outdoor, or if their ceiling is standard raked or tall, with Zen Fan that flexibility is provided.

  • Less is more, Zen Fan is designed to be quiet. Not only are the shapes pure and minimalist, but it moves air in whisper-quiet operation. The fan offers a wide range of operating controls, 5-speed selection, as well as the ability to run the fan on a timing schedule. It has coastal rating, meaning it can be placed in outdoor areas even near the beach, or high humidity locations in the northern parts of Australia. The Zen Fan down-rod will enable the fan to be mounted on rakes or high ceilings for full flexibility and great ergonomic feature for installers.

  • A fan improves occupant's comfort while complementing air-conditioners to help them run more efficiently. The Zen Fan offers improvements in motors, blade design and controls: Its low-energy DC motor operates on up to 40% less energy than traditional AC fans, the molded plastic blade design, which replaces the traditional metal, reduces weight while the specific blade shape increases the airflow performance with its unique double deck design. Advanced controls like timing schedule functions (removing the burden to turn off when leaving the room) also provide further efficiency.

  • Designed for Australian lifestyle. Unlike traditional fans on the market, the Zen Fan is constructed of plastic and aluminium that shields all internal parts from exposure to weather. This enables ultimate installation flexibility suitable in any application, from an indoor living room to outdoors in a beer garden, even on the coast or in high humidity where most fans cede to rust.