Click Clack Kitchen Gadget Range

  • 2018

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Click Clack

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A comprehensive range of refined and elegant kitchen gadgets with a unique and elevated aesthetic, designed to perform and designed to stand-out in a saturated market.

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  • Wanting to expand their brand into the broader housewares category, Click Clack engaged Alquemy to design a unique range of kitchen gadgets with 3 important design challenges; The first was to design a range of kitchen gadgets that would appear innovative and occupy a unique aesthetic position in a very saturated market space. The second was to ensure that each piece, whilst unique, remain price-point competitive with other market leading brands. The final challenge was to compress the design, development and tooling into a condensed 6-month timeframe in order to launch at the annual home and housewares fair in Chicago.

  • Alquemy aimed to create a more feminine and elevated design style. With most competitions offering either a commercially masculine approach, or a more colorful and playful aesthetic, Alquemy deliberately positioned the Click Clack gadget range into its own unique market position. To remain cost competitive, Alquemy designed a series of common design features, including the decorative die cast end cap, as consistent elements across the range, minimizing tooling costs and part price. In addition, through refined surface resolution, Alquemy has successfully achieved an elevated design aesthetic using common and cost conscious materials such as nylon.

  • The successful launch of the kitchen gadget range has allowed Click Clack to reposition their brand from food storage, into a broader homewares brand. It has reinforced their brand values of innovative, refined and elevated design solutions, and established new sales channels for continued growth and product category diversification.

  • Whilst creating a unique aesthetic cue across each gadget, the decorative die cast end cap serves as not only a means to hang or store each gadget, but also provides weight to the end of each handle, which creates a well-balanced tool, ultimately enhancing in-hand feel and performance.