CleanSpace EX

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

PAFtec Australia Pty Ltd

Designed In:


CleanSpace EX is an intrinsically safe certified powered respirator with the ease of use and mobility of a negative pressure mask with the assured protection of a powered respirator. The smart design delivers superior airflow and high portability making it ideal for high volume deployment and adoption by industrial work teams.

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  • CleanSpace Ex are IECEx and ATEX intrinsically safe certified. CleanSpace respirators provide positive pressure inside the mask, with an inbuilt pressure sensor that adjusts the airflow with every breath to prevent contaminated air flowing into the mask. The breath activated On/Off operation of the CleanSpace Respirators maximises filter life by only filtering the air that miners breathe when they need it and extends battery life, allowing the use of a small and light battery technology. The compact jigsaw design of the electronics, motor and battery have been engineered to fit the ergo metric functional form, respiratory protection requirements and intrinsically safe standards in a tightly condensed space.

  • The functionality of the masks are that they are easy to wear - quick to put on, comfort and simple to take off and store. The absence of hoses and heavy waist mounted battery packs allows staff to move freely around heavy equipment and doesn't add to their personal kit (communications, self-rescuer). The device is easy to carry inside vehicles and does not come with a lot of parts or complex assembly. It can be fitted and ready to go. Miners describe the masks as “effortless” - important in a sector where compliance and staff productivity are critical to worker health and safety.

  • Mining operations globally have been shaken by the shattering drop in commodity prices. Re-structures are focusing on delivering improved operating efficiencies to drive lower costs and open up margins. Smart management have adopted technology in safety to achieve a safe work place, improved productivity and cost management. Health and Safety officers who have deployed CleanSpace respirators always comment on its cost effectiveness. Staff are less fatigued and the masks are remarkably comfortable so productivity is never an issue. The fit testing results are consistently high with CleanSpace when previously we were seeing significant fail rates with traditional passive respirators.