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  • 2018

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Cleanaway is Australia’s largest waste management company, leading the industry with their total waste management, industrial and environmental solutions. Cleanaway identified a demand in the market to provide local councils with a digital management platform to enable staff to directly access real-time information about their waste management vehicles and services.

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  • Cleanaway had no existing digital portal which made reporting to councils difficult. Councils required their management services to be digitised to improve their existing system of convoluted communication flow and provide real-time first contact resolution. Residents would lodge a complaint with council regarding their bin service, a council staff member would contact Cleanaway, who would contact the bin driver to identify and resolve the issue. This communication would flow back along the same channels to the resident who originally lodged the issue or complaint, the entire process of reporting an issue frequently taking 24-48 hours.

  • Cleanaway required urgent design and delivery of a public facing web app, as well as an addendum app for truck drivers. Conduct interviewed over 50 stakeholders and involved Cleanaway's customers, truck drivers, and council staff throughout user testing, prototyping, and the iterative design process. Conduct identified discrete user groups and their needs and married them with Cleanaway’s business goals and objectives. The design solution was built in a complex environment that combined a consolidated cloud based web application that presents a secure single window into both real-time and historical data from new and legacy systems throughout the Cleanaway network.

  • Cleanaview aggregates complex data sources behind the main user interface, which is designed to be easy to use, and time efficient for Cleanaway’s customers, including council staff. Truck drivers use the app, MyView, to log events and issues, while a report feeds back into Cleanaview in real time. Location issues, photos, and route information are immediately sent through a report, providing evidence of various issues. This provides a level of transparency of data through to the rate-payer that was previously unachievable. Cleanaview has enabled Cleanaway to solidify their position as market leaders and open up new market opportunities.

  • The web application, Cleanaview, is a complex system which securely aggregates data from a number of historical and real-time data sources into a unified dashboard. It was built using The ReactJS Framework, and a custom API designed to pull information from isolated cloud based data sources. The project was extensive, requiring the team to navigate complex technologies and a widespread group of stakeholders, marrying legacy systems with innovation. Like all information systems that handle business and operations, data security was very important for the Cleanaview system. Conduct applied industry best practice methodologies across the board including encryption of data in transit and data at rest, secure session management and authentication. Additionally Conduct implemented specific access control management to limit data exposure through granular authorisation logic including tiered roles and customisable needs based access on a modular level. It is purpose built and flexible but applies the security required for a robust cloud based gatekeeper to the underlying data sources within the Cleanaway systems.