Chameleon Wall Light

  • 2022

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • David Sloan Kruse

Commissioned By:

Beacon Lighting

Designed In:


The world’s first wall light that incorporates your very own tile! Like its namesake, the Chameleon has the ability to subtly and elegantly blend into a tiled wall by pairing practically any tile with its unique, customisable frame.

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Image: Lucas Allen
Image: Lucas Allen
Image: Lucas Allen
Image: Lucas Allen
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  • Many of our clients seek wall brackets that complement their bathrooms; however, SKU and stock practicalities have restricted our offering to a small selection of solutions that pair with mainstream tapware colours and a limited number of timber finishes. As a result, we continuously receive enquiries about customising the colours of these products, and until now, this has only been possible through time-consuming and expensive processes. In order to overcome these limitations, we began investigating mix and match solutions that would allow for creativity and flexibility in an affordable and accessible way.

  • The initial idea for Chameleon was sparked while cleaning my shower! I realised that I could use the concept of a tile drain pan paired with the components of one of Beacon Lighting's most popular light fittings to create a bespoke collection that can blend into its surrounds. This idea evolved into a light that can adapt to almost any space and take nearly any material while remaining relatively affordable. It's a clever use of existing technology and components in a new and imaginative way that is already proving to be extremely popular with our trade and retail customers.

  • This incredibly flexible solution directly responds to demand from our customers by offering an entirely new and affordable way of personalising their wall light along with the ability to easily update it with new materials as trends evolve. Whether seeking a bold and outlandish combination that demands attention or an elegant and subtle sconce that melts into its space, Chameleon inspires creativity through its ability to adapt to customers' desires.

  • Polystyrene-free with recyclable packaging and reduced plastic Allows to shift between cool white, daylight and warm white colour temperatures with a flick of a light switch IP44 rated makes it suitable for placement in wet zones Dimmable to customise ambience Integrated LED 10 Watts 240 Volts Max 320 Lumens A flat metal plate in key tapware colours is also available as an alternative to the tile frame