Casserole Club

  • 2016

  • Social Impact

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United Kingdom

Casserole Club is a digital platform that helps people share extra portions of home-cooked food with others in their area who might not always be able to cook for themselves.
Like a meals on wheels service, members serve up meals to their neighbours and strengthening local neighbourhood relationships.

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  • The benefits that this platform offers is that starts to reduce social isolation through the organised meetups, improve food provision among older people and strengthen connections between the generations within communities. Importantly the platform is more than about meal delivery but more about the relationships that develop when a meal is shared and often the realised benefits are in the way in which friendships have developed around a simple meal share. One final benefit that we have seen also is that Casserole club has helped challenge how local government can provide services by actively playing a supporting and enabling role instead of being the key provider of the service itself.