Caroma Cleanflush Toilet Range

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens

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Caroma Cleanflush® is the result of two and a half years of intensive research, product development and testing by the GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens R&D team.

This unique development is our most effective and hygienic toilet. The patented flow balancing technology is the new standard in toilet design.

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  • The design of the Caroma Cleanflush range clearly articulates the benefits of increased hygiene and ease of cleaning delivered through its unique patented flushing technology. With the elimination of the traditional closed flushing rim, all the interior surfaces of the bowl are all easily accessible. The exterior design of the entire Cleanflush toilet range incorporates fully shrouded designs. The smooth exterior surfaces allow easy cleaning while assisting the control of infection by eliminating hard-to-clean areas.

  • The Caroma Cleanflush range incorporates a rimless design that utilises patented technology developed by the Sydney GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens R&D team. Conventional toilet designs utilise either an open or boxed rim water carrier to ensure water is delivered to the entire bowl. However, these rim types are impossible to effectively clean where mould and bacteria can grow and thrive. While there are numerous rimless design toilets available, tests conducted in Germany found variations in levels of performance. The Australian Standard requires that waste in the bowl is effectively evacuated after every flush and that sufficient water enters the drainline to eliminate blockages.

  • While rimless toilets eliminate the traditional rim where mould, germs and other bacteria can grow, many suffer from weak flush performance resulting in a large part of the bowl not effectively cleaned during the flush cycle. The Caroma Cleanflush toilets are designed to ensure the highest percentage of the bowl is cleansed during the flush action by accurate delivery of the water throughout the entire bowl. This makes the Cleanflush range ideal for specialist hospital or commercial applications where the highest levels of infection control and rapid cleaning are required. The range has been developed to surpass Australian Standards requirements for Water Closet design and performance - AS 1172.1-2005.

  • The iterative design and development process involved testing numerous prototypes to ensure the performance of this new technology could be tightly controlled. While vitreous china ceramic provides the most hygienic material possible for manufacture of toilet products, a significant challenge remained in integrating all necessary flush delivery and control details into the ceramic pan component. Stringent and thorough in-house laboratory testing has ensured effective waste clearance, bowl rinsing, and overall cleansing performance. Achieving this integrated design increased the reliability of the Caroma Cleanflush toilets by minimising the number of components required to deliver an effective flush.

    The Caroma Cleanflush range sets a new standard in toilet design, function and performance. Initial development of the Cleanflush technology utilised a number of new components. The designs were refined so that all the necessary detail was incorporated into the final ceramic piece. This required an intense program of developing the capabilities of our supply partners to ensure implementing the new technology platform had negligible impact on cost of manufacture. The new Cleanflush products have been delivered to market almost no cost premium over existing products. The global interest in Cleanflush has been overwhelming, offering exceptional value for money, while delivering superior rimless design.

    The patent pending Caroma Cleanflush technology carefully combines two critical water control elements. The first, the 'Caroma Flow Splitter' distributes the flow of water around the bowl. The second was identified during the development phase. We determined that stabilisation of the flow of water at the front of the rim and directing as much water as possible into the sump was vital in delivering good drainline clearance. This led to creation of the flow balancer concept. The 'Caroma Flow Balancer' controls and directs water flow to form an effective flush stream. The flush stream is specifically matched to the critical target area of the toilet sump ensuring fast expulsion of waste from the bowl.