Carestream DRX Revolution Nano Mobile X-Ray System

  • 2018

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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  • Micro-X
  • Hydrix
  • Carestream Health

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The Carestream DRX Revolution Nano Mobile X-Ray System is an ultra-lightweight mobile medical X-ray cart. At a fraction of the size, cost and weight of conventional equipment, it offers enhanced workflow efficiencies and affordability. The Carbon Nano Tube field emission X-ray tube is a global first and game changing innovation in X-ray generation.

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  • Demand for bedside imaging is high since it greatly reduces the daily burden of patient transfer to X-ray rooms. Existing technology uses thermionic tubes weighing over 18kg. These are suspended by boom over a patient. Product innovation is limited due to tube weight, requiring expensive motorised carts weighing over 400kg. Radiology departments suffer with high staff attrition from strain injuries using this heavy equipment. Micro-X saw an opportunity to design an ultra-lightweight and manoeuvrable device at a lower entry-price, leveraging Carbon Nanotube emitter technology to significantly reduce size and weight, thus increasing accessibility of bedside imaging and reducing downtime.

  • The development of Nano focused heavily on usability. Micro-X worked extensively with several hospitals to understand workflows and daily challenges operators faced. The design architecture evolved over 6 months of iterative design and prototyping, with radiographers interacting and providing direct feedback to the engineering team. Micro-X invested heavily in carbon fibre, weight reduction, weight distribution and mechanisms for ergonomic use in driving and positioning. Innovations were developed to enchance operator interaction and improve workflow. The development of the CNT tube to meet diagnostic criteria was a crucial enabler, with Micro-X being the first company to bring this technology to market.

  • Nano is a global first product using CNT field emission X-ray, a game-changing innovation for new imaging products that currently do not exist. The smart design of Nano allows Micro-X to manufacture at Tonsley, sourcing 90% of components domestically whilst remaining competitive. Nano is exported globally by Carestream Health. Market feedback has been very positive with strong demand from emerging markets. Micro-X has 31 employees. The production team are all ex-Holden workers re-trained in medical device manufacturing. Nano allows Micro-X to invest in local research programs, collaborating with Australian universities on its future products and expansion plans.

  • Lightweight, no motors. Very quiet (critical for NICU). Tusk handles with collimator controls at the tips to correctly position the focal spot height and adjust the X-ray field without the need to lower the head; Innovation to address the current need to lower the x-ray head after positioning to change focal spot or x-ray field. Ball shaped drive handles with integrated brake buttons that are intuitive and allow the operator to manoeuvre the cart standing in any position rather without constraining their hands; improving workflow and drive ergonomics. Nudge feature to allow movement from the opposite side of the bed, improving workflow. Articulated arm that is 100% balanced over the full range of motion required for positioning without the need for electronic braking or heavy friction-based solutions; Composite 4 bar linkages provide machine controlled DoF for easy positioning. X-ray shielding using a tungsten filled polymer instead of lead for environmental and OHS benefits. Cart chassis monocoque design using carbon-fibre composite to maximise robustness and minimise weight. Low profile for improved visbility whilst driving. Meets stringent medical device radiation and safety standards. Nano is a foundation product for market acceptance of CNT technology. Affordable bedside digital x-ray capability to emerging markets.