• 2020

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Canva’s Design Lab kiosk brings Canva’s revolutionary design software into the physical world. It is a beautiful and engaging digital kiosk, that makes it easy for anyone to quickly design and print anything – no matter their creative background or training.

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  • The ability to create beautifully printed designs should no longer be exclusive to experts. While Canva has a digital community of 10 million users, it seeks to bring the same instant publishing experience that it provides on web, to in an in-store, physical print format. Whether users wish to design posters, birthday cards, flyers or wedding invitations, there will always be a demand for print, and the Design Lab helps everyone to have access.

  • The Design Lab is an obsessive simplification of a kiosk, and a natural extension of Canva’s simple UI. More closely resembling a sculpture than a regular kiosk, the unique application of Corian provides a smooth and impressive finish, resulting in an approachable and attractive object that invites people to create. Ergonomically designed, the kiosk has minimal hinge lines and no unnecessary buttons to highlight the smooth experience that users can expect. The touch-screen technology is seamlessly merged with the body and maintenance is easily performed through a sliding panel. The microbe resistant surface makes it perfect for high traffic areas.

  • The Design Lab now empowers anyone to design and print even if they are inexperienced in these areas. It gives a flexible, low cost option that allows everyone from charities to families to create and publish professional assets. With professional and accessible print resources at their fingertips, people are better equipped to advocate for change, and share a message with a loved one, or promote their own business. The Design Lab continues to build on the reach of the Canva platform. The Design Lab’s Corian material have been selected with longevity, functionality and safety in mind.

  • The kiosk was designed to inspire creativity. Re-designing the kiosk into an art form, the unique Corian finish provides lustre and longevity that could not be achieved with other materials The removal of all unnecessary detailing and perfect symmetry creates an inviting user experience Hidden part lines and hinges add to the sculptural effect, and create an attractive feature for retail spaces Traditionally, design software has been complicated and difficult to use. This kiosk allows users to create and print in an instant, using Canva’s intuitive drag and drop software. Illuminated Canva logos add to the effect of a premium product - in line with current Canva branding. A flush mounted 43” touch screen contributes to the product’s ease of use, with no need for a keyboard and mouse. Integrated wheel system for easy transportation