Can-Am Spyder RT

  • 2020

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    Automotive and Transport

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The new Can-Am Spyder RT is fresh, modern and upscale, due to the purity of its lines, the high quality of part integration, its colour breaks and use of rich textures. A completely redesigned cockpit, with a new display panel and easier controls improve comfort significantly.

Image: BRP
Image: BRP
Image: BRP
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  • After millions of miles, and lots of positive feedback from our riders, we knew we had a winning recipe with the original Spyder RT. Our goal was to refine what we already had, and take it to the next level of comfort, convenience and style. Our challenge was to update the Spyder RT’s look, as well as add premium features focused on making the ride more enjoyable.

  • BRP has built a loyal touring customer base. BRP owed these customers a new RT, that would be the pinnacle of open road touring. A new adjustable electric windshield with memory function provides enhanced protection from the elements; redesigned LED technology headlights provide better road visibility; an extended floorboard, allowing the rider to stretch his/her legs; and ultra-comfortable, spacious heated seats with increased lumbar support, improve comfort significantly and lower seating and an optimized suspension provide better handling, enhanced cornering, and more stability on long straightway.

  • The Can-Am Spyder RT enables easy riding for many people who may not be comfortable on a regular motorcycle. It provides stability at rest, reducing the strength and skill level required to stop and go; and stability in motion, reducing the inherent risks of rough roads and the need for sharp manoeuvres.

  • It presents a completely new design that reduces paint application on the vehicle. It also provides unprecedented storage with 47 total gallons (177L), fitting two XL helmets side by side in its top case, which is LinQ-compatible, enabling it to be switched out for a cooler, sports bag or other accessory with a snap motion. It is easily disassembled and recycled. Its small size and lower weight greatly reduce fuel consumption.