Multigate Cadence Suction Irrigator

  • 2019

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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Multigate Medical Products

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The Cadence Suction Irrigator plays a vital role in maintaining a clear surgical site and in enhancing procedural flow during laparoscopic surgery. The precision tip delivers precise irrigation and controlled suction to remove fluids, and the handle design ensures new levels of comfort in the challenging ergonomics of these procedures.

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  • Our research and collaborations with surgical teams highlighted awkward angles, dribbling saline flow, leaky devices, and muscle cramps from holding ergonomically poor positions for long periods as routine problems experienced in operating theatres. At the same time budgetary constraints in Australian hospitals are creating a race to the lowest possible price-point often at the expense of improved outcomes for surgeons and patients. Our goal with Cadence was to find and establish a new equilibrium. We set out to design an instrument that addresses these challenges and contributes to better patient outcomes, at a price-point that’s easily justifiable and commercially acceptable.

  • Embedding surgeons in the design process yielded new insights and gave rise to a dual-grip handle that enables the surgeon to consider the best ergonomic position, choosing either a pistol grip for lower positions or trumpet grip when working in elevated positions. Handle comfort reduces muscle cramping throughout long procedures and the shaft tip produces laminar flow characteristics in the saline that reduces turbulence and bubbles, resulting in a smooth flow that improves irrigation of the surgical site. The patent-pending, new valve mechanism is extremely simple and produces a responsive trigger operation, offering new levels of control for surgeons.

  • Cadence focuses on the surgeon, reducing the physical stresses on their body and delivering the precision and control they need to improve their surgical flow. Improved surgical flow shaves minutes off procedures, returning valuable time to the health system and directly contributes to the achievement of operative aims and the best possible patient outcomes. Sterility concerns around tubing dictate that suction irrigators cannot be re-usable. To reduce environmental impact, we have chosen to minimise materials by simplifying the mechanism and associated components. The design of Cadence is generating new commercial opportunities for Multigate in Australian and global markets.

  • The use of human-centred design in the Cadence project and sister projects has contributed to a transformation at Multigate. We have transitioned from a low-cost manufacturer and distributor in to a design-led business looking to innovate and create products and services that enhance customer experience and surgical outcomes. Cadence has many unique features. We developed a patent-pending precision tip to deliver a higher fluid exit velocity and focused stream without the need for capital equipment. This stream gives the surgeon greater accuracy when irrigating the site and addresses a common failing observed during research. Our patent-pending valve mechanism reduces actuation pressure over competitors resulting in lower strain and fatigue during procedures, provides intuitive and responsive flow control, and minimises the chance of failure with fewer moving parts. The ergonomic handle incorporates a repositionable shaft, which allows for a neutral grip at a wide range of angles, reducing strain on the surgeons’ body during procedures. These Cadence Suction Irrigator features were developed in direct response to identified issues and alongside Australian surgeons. These surgeons are delighted with the clinical evaluations and are now strong supporters of the design process and co-design methodologies.