Burrun Dalai Healing Pathways App

  • 2020

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • Gokce Erbil
  • Merve Yarim
  • Jon Manez
  • Brijender Rana
  • Natasha Gomes Mueller

Commissioned By:

John Luhr

Filipe Fernandes

Nayak Chhabra

Ivy Buddee

Designed In:


The Burrun Dalai Healing Pathways app helps Aboriginal Children and Young people who are in Out of Home Care. Burrun Dalai makes strong connections across all communities to ensure children are the bright lights in our black future, proud of who they are, respectful, being role models, breaking the chain.

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  • The app has been designed to help Burrun Dalai achieve their goals of helping Aboriginal children and young people achieve social, educational, cultural and emotional growth and goals. The app has exceeded this brief by enabling these users to visualise their progression and easily track their achievements. The application also provides support by enabling the child to connect positively with other Aboriginal children and young people, building a sense of family and belonging.

  • We exceeded the brief by creating an app design that allows the Aboriginal children that are in Burrun Dalai’s care to build their own personal avatar to represent themselves in the online portal. The app helps team members that are allocated to a child to enter ‘stories’ and grant ‘stars’ when the child has achieved something good within their Healing Pathways (Therapeutic Change Management/Behavioural Plan). All while maintaining a cultural balance overseen by the Burrun Dalai team. Being able to see their achievements, receive praise and encouragement helps guide the child towards the goal of maintaining Aboriginal values and self-improvement.

  • The Burrun Dalai Aboriginal Corporation has a significant social impact on Aboriginal children and young people. The Healing Pathways app not only provides learning and care for the children, but it also helps them connect with other members of the Aboriginal community. The app design is important for defining the child’s identity and sense of connectedness to their kinship and culture.

  • Avatar builder Users can select a basic avatar and then choose different hats or decorations. All designs and items in the Avatar Builder were built in consultation with Burrun Dalai to represent something that's appealing to children and maintains a strong link to culture. Dreaming Circle The Dreaming Circles are digital representations of a physical piece of jewellery. Children are awarded the various Dreaming Circles by achieving improvement in their behaviours as recognised by the multi-disciplinary team assisting the child or young person on their Healing Pathway journey. This digital version is made up of the child’s actual avatar that they themselves have designed, surrounded by the dreaming circles. When the user opens that page, the Rainbow Serpent animates to appear out of the avatar. This indicates how close the child is to achieving an individual Dreaming Circle. Newsfeed This area is where all users, children and team members, can view a feed of achievements made by the children in the Healing Pathways application. When a user is given a positive story by one of the significant people in their lives, everyone is notified and they are able to provide positive feedback in the form of automated comments and emojis.