Burning Snow

  • 2020

  • Communication

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Bernard Faucon is a French photographer and the French Grand Prix National award winner. with respect to the design philosophy, black, white and grey were chosen as the keynote. The dust jacket of the cover is made of PVC, showing a resemblance of transparent film.

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  • Due to the poor thermal stability of PVC, it becomes hard and brittle at low temperature, and it is easy to soften at high temperature. The cost of PVC is high with poor processing performance.The end result is good.

  • Burning Snow contains classic works by Bernard Faucon, a French photographer and Grand Prix National award winner. The 32K section sewing hardcover has a dust jacket made of PVC resembling films used in photography. The inner cover is consisted of tiny photos scattering like snowflakes echoing with the title. Pixelated title plays hide-and-seek with the cover photo, introducing readers to an image world. Faucon’s artistic concept of returning to innocence is communicated through simple colors.

  • Burning snow is available at the bookstores and websites across China. Well received by readers, this is a book to know and understand the photography artist Bernard Faucon.

  • This book is an introductory reading material to understand and understand Faucon, a photographic artist. It was created from first-hand materials obtained by the author himself and Faucon. Prior to his book, there were very few Chinese materials related to Faucon and his work, and there were even some misinformation. However, his works are unique in style and are highly sought after and appreciated in the Chinese art circle. Help some experimenters and photographers understand the relationship between photography and the spiritual world, not just simple composition and equipment. This book is not only for those who know Foucault, who are interested in photography, and even hope that Foucault can inspire more people's perception of beauty and interest in images.