Budweiser Red Lights

  • 2015

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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As a brand that loves ice hockey, Budweiser Canada wanted to deliver the real-time excitement of the in-arena experience to ice hockey fans. Working with Budweiser and their agency, Buzz developed Budweiser Red Lights – an innovative product embedded with a WIFI connection and accompanying smartphone app. The aim was to develop a product that would enhance the hockey goal scoring experience for die-hard Canadian hockey fans – an authentic-looking goal light similar to those found in hockey arenas. The technology wirelessly connects the Red Light to the internet, instantly triggering a flashing siren as soon as a goal occurs so devoted fans in Canada could celebrate in real-time, no matter where they were.

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  • Buzz designed the Budweiser Red Lights as a product that elevates game-time for Canadian hockey fans and brings the iconic goal lights into their homes. The product is embedded with technology that sounds off whenever a fan's favourite team scores a goal. The ground-breaking connected product delivers leading edge technology and innovation to deliver a world-first, authentic-looking goal light. The integration of cutting-edge wireless technology was paramount in the success of the Red Lights. Multiple connected technologies were explored with the final software implemented ensured that thousands of lights across Canada would receive their city's goal alerts within a few seconds of the goal being scored on TV.