BRP LiNQ System

  • 2016

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • BRP Design and Engineering Team

Commissioned By:

BRP inc.

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The innovative LiNQ system is a fast, easy, secure and universal quick attachment accessory system tailored for BRP brand recreational vehicles.

It allows over 100 accessorization configurations on 4 BRP vehicle product lines thus enhancing the overall consumer experience.

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  • The LiNQ system allows vehicle accessorization within seconds while achieving an extremely reliable, effective and affordable solution for the end user. The attachment solution is spread across 4 BRP brands & product lines which enable the user to cross platform accessorize and reuse the LiNQ equipped accessories from one generation vehicle to the next, eliminating accessories obsolescence while increasing possibilities to add accessories over time.

  • Vehicles have built-in ready to receive interfaces in which the LiNQ equipped accessories lock into. Ease of use, ease of vehicle transformation and accessorisation provides users with never before seen possibilities to meet their specific needs.

  • BRP is the first recreational vehicle manufacturer to develop a complete modular accessory system. Its unique integrated approach makes life easier for the end user as well as for the dealer with a ready to receive interface. Before, customers were relying on hard to install brackets that required drilling, screwing and expensive dealer time to install.

  • Bungees and straps, which are cumbersome, prone to failing and risky have been eliminated as a result of the LiNQ system. The LiNQ system from BRP is the fastest, easiest way to secure items to your vehicle. It is a quick and easy attach/detach system. It's built tough to withstand the roughest conditions. The LiNQ system is built into the accessories to provide a visually integrated fit on 4 BRP brands and product lines. Removing dealer installation time of an accessory onto a vehicle translates into cost saving for the end user and frees up dealers to focus on other more profitable areas of their business.

    The integrated LiNQ system and complete line of accessories introduced at vehicle launch make the LiNQ system of accessories the ideal cost/benefit/choice for the end user. The LiNQ patented system strengthens our business by making it captive and has tripled accessory sales on key items since its initial launch in 2012. It has even been reported that the new LiNQ system and accessory offer has become a key purchase driver for our vehicle sales. Designers, engineers and marketers are stimulated by challenging projects and problematic to resolve and to see the paradigm shifting success of this initiative has greatly collaborated to maintain a high level of employee engagement and morale.