Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity ISOFIX Compatible Infant Carrier

  • 2016

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Britax Childcare Pty Ltd

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The Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity ISOFIX Compatible Infant Carrier is the first of its kind in Australia and the world! It is suitable for babies from birth to approximately 12 months of age. Key features include:
– Low Birth Weight
– ISOFIX Compatible
– Travel System Compatible
– Aircraft Compatible
– Safety & Ease Of Use Features

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  • The revised joint Australian and New Zealand Standard released in 2013 includes the option for Low Birth Weight babies including simulated crash testing using a specialised Low Weight test dummy. This is a world first and the Unity ISOFIX is the first to include this option. Low Birth Weight babies are generally infants under 3kg who may have been born prematurely. This requires a specific harness configuration with specific slots in the infant carrier shell. Low Birth Weight babies can now leave hospital and be transported safely in a specifically designed child restraint.

  • The infant carrier component of the Unity ISOFIX can be easily moved from its in-car base to a travel system compatible stroller or taken inside the house with minimal disturbance to baby. The baby can be fully harnessed into the carrier before the carrier is taken to the car. The carrier simply connects to the base in a single motion. The carrier can then be easily disconnected from the base by holding the handle in one hand and releasing the latch at the back of the carrier.

  • Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity ISOFIX Infant Carrier can either be installed with the car seatbelt and the top tether strap or “ISOFLEX™” compatible connectors. The top tether strap is still required to be fitted.

  • The Unity ISOFIX Infant Carrier can now be taken on to aircraft— with the baby staying in the infant carrier for the whole trip including takeoff and landing. Only the infant carrier component needs to be taken into the cabin. It is then fixed to the aircraft seat with the seat belt passing through the guides in the moulding near the handle. The base can travel as 'checked in' baggage. Please note that there is no need to use the tether strap and that an extra seat must be paid for with the nominated airline.

    Although ISOFIX has been fitted to cars coming into Australia, we realise not everyone has a vehicle that is ISOFIX compatible. In the likelihood that a child restraint needs to be moved to another car which may well not have ISOFIX low anchorages the Britax Safe-n-Sound's Unity ISOFIX has the ability to be installed using the car's seat belt and therefore is also sold as a seatbelt only version.

    The head of the infant carrier includes large side wings lined with EPS foam which give the carrier substantial head protection in side impact. In addition, the head end includes a ramp design which prevents the dummy's head being exposed past the end of the carrier when tested in a simulated frontal crash. This is an essential requirement of the carrier to be suitable for babies of approximately 12 months or with the baby's shoulders below the upper shoulder height marker. The profile is a functional requirement of the infant carrier.

    Thermo5™ delivers the premium comfort your baby deserves. It is a skilfully designed high performance, smart fabric made with Bamboo Charcoal. Thermo5™ uses a knitted fabric which provides airflow and wicks moisture away, helping to keep your baby cool, dry and comfortable as well as feeling smooth on the skin and soft to touch.