Bright, Open space

  • 2016

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:


Commissioned By:

Lin Residence

Designed In:

Taichung, Taiwan

The concept penetrating homologous idea and creating the relationships of bright and dark; inner and outer; static and dynamic; open and privacy. The design creates the stack and penetration in different spaces and finally presents a space with lighting and flowing.

  • The inhabitants in this house live on light meal diets. Therefore, the kitchen has become the focus of everyday life. The tailor-made vegetation wall by the designer communicates the idea of living symbiotically with the greenery. Using breathing and living construction materials, the water culture centipede tongavine in clear glass jars introduce ample natural light to filter the air and shield the messy look of the neighboring buildings. As a result, it creates an “indoor vertical garden” with the feel of a green gem.