Breville Precision Brewer

  • 2018

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    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Group

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The world’s first 1.8L drip coffee maker with the precision required to brew craft filter coffee, automatically. With six unique brewing modes, the SCA Certified Precision-Brewer® delivers complete customisation and control to deliver craft technique with ease, so you can enjoy delicately balanced coffee, exactly how you like it.

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  • How do you achieve great tasting coffee? Water temperature and contact time are critical elements in brewing a perfect cup of coffee. Too hot and the coffee is to bitter, too cold and the coffee is watery and weak. Traditional brewers use heaters that lack temperature control. In these systems, steam forces ever increasing hot water to the coffee, resulting in hot extraction temperatures and bitter tasting Coffee. They may also use a manually controlled aperture on the brew basket which can easily be forgotten, potentially overflowing the basket. The Breville Precision Brewer solves these issues.

  • To ensure precise temperature, the Precision Brewer uses a Thermo- coil, Pump and digital PID control, to precisely control temperature within 1°C ensuring precise extraction temperatures. The Patented “Steep & Release” system monitors tank volume, automatically controlling contact time to provide optimum extraction, also allowing the user to brew directly into a travel-mug. One-touch brewing modes, including; “cold coffee mode” and “SCA gold cup” adjust pump parameters to optimise water/Coffee contact time. Full customisation over all brewing parameters is available if desired. It’s also fast, brew a full 1.8L carafe in under 7 minutes.

  • The Precision-Brewer® provides unprecedented control over all brewing aspects to the user to unlock the very best flavours from their coffee. This flexibility, coupled with a unique multi-format brew basket allows absolute customisation to craft a coffee exactly how they like it. The form has been minimised to reduce weight and shipping volume. An intelligent power system minimises energy use to meet the ½ Watt ERP standby requirements. Power is further minimised during brewing by using a flow-through heater system. This efficiently heats the water on-demand at the exact temperature required lowering the overall energy required to power the machine.

  • The Breville Precision Brewer provides unprecedented flexibility to the consumer enabling them to brew coffee exactly how they want. The Water Delivery and “Steep & Release” systems allow complete adjustment to the coffee extraction (whether its hot or cold). The machine also provides flexibility with differing filter types. Because different volumes extract at different rates, you need the right filter to extract the very best flavours. Flat-Bottom filters are ideal for large volumes, 1.2l and above, whilst Cone-shaped filters perform best from 400 – 1200ml. Breville’s unique large format basket allows for both Flat-Bottom as well as Cone filters with a removable “Cone” support insert. Its recessed drip-stop valve, allows the basket to conveniently sit flat on the bench whilst filling. The basket simply slides into the machine and can be emptied one-handed once brewing completes. When brewing single- cup volumes, drippers like Hario or Kalitta are ideal. To accommodate these bespoke drippers Breville includes a pour-over adaptor which funnels the coffee into the cup. With all these options the Precision brewer provides the user with every tool to get the most out of their coffee, but also provides the simplicity for SCA certified coffee with a single touch.