Breville Bambino Plus

  • 2019

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    Domestic Appliances

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The Bambino Plus featuring Breville’s Thermojet™ heater will help you create perfect coffee in under six seconds while delivering perfectly textured micro-foam milk automatically, adjusting the foam level and temperature to your taste. The Bambino Plus will also let you texture and heat milk manually for a truly authentic experience.

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  • The Bambino Plus combined the challenges of creating a narrow footprint espresso machine with a fully functional precision espresso machine. For the Bambino Plus Breville developed a digitally controlled ultra fast Thermojet heater system. Espresso requires stable temperature over long durations with varying pressures. The target for the Thermojet was to reach optimum extraction temperature within 3 seconds with +/- 2° precision and instantaneous transition from espresso to steam temperatures. The Thermojet heater is extremely compact and has very little thermal mass which makes it ideal for very compact espresso machines like the Bambino Plus.

  • The Bambino Plus is part of the enormously successful range of Breville coffee products. Over the past 15 years Breville has developed a reputation to become a world leader in domestic espresso machines. It’s nearest competitors lack innovative features such as Bambino Plus‘ Thermojet water heating and automatic steam wand cleaning, representing a highly attractive mass-market product: It‘s sweet spot, a mix of small footprint, features and price create a uniquely attractive . It represents perfect alignment with Breville’s food thinking strategy and increase brand ownership of espresso.

  • Traditional heater espresso machines consume large amounts of energy using thermocoil heaters with large thermal mass. The thermojet system, with a 3 second heat up time and almost zero power consumption on standby, makes this espresso machine the most power efficient on the market saving power and time. Breville develops from the ground up high performance, precice, durable, classic, easy to clean and serviceable products to pass to future generations. To endure the test of time through the harshest of usage conditions the products must pass the equivalent of 10 years of life testing.

  • The Breville Bambino Plus offers a wide range of features all designed to enrich the coffee experience: • Intuitive interface, pre-set coffee volume for 1 and 2 cups with the ability to adjust coffee volume, milk foam and temperature • Manual milk texturing • Adjustable automatic milk texturing for Cappuccino, Café Latte and Latte Macchiato. Generates micro-milk foam, essential for latte art • Thermojet water heater with 3sec heat up time • Easy cleaning that is further enhanced by the automatic steam wand purge after each use • Robust design with a refined brushed stainless-steel finish