Lockwaste Smart Bin Lock

  • 2023

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Lockwaste is the world’s first smart bin lock solution dedicated to sustainable waste management. The innovative proximity and sensing technology automatically locks the garbage bin while awaiting pick-up and automatically unlocks during waste collection. It prevents the contamination of recycled materials and helps to keep our streets cleaner and safer.

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  • Waste contamination and illegal dumping is a common challenge faced by residents, councils, and waste collection services. Careful sorting is critical to maintaining the integrity of recycled and organic waste materials, to ensure optimal operation of resource recovery systems and preventing recycled materials ending up in landfill. The challenge was to develop a locking system that prevents unauthorised access to residential and commercial garbage bins, without restricting access or hindering the usability for residents and council waste collection services. A system that allows people to take complete ownership of their waste and help contribute to a cleaner world.

  • Traditional lock and key solutions are inconvenient to manage and can cause issues with kerbside garbage removal services. Lockwaste offers a smarter, more sustainable approach to responsible waste management. With just one click, the Lockwaste smart bin app and wireless electronic bin lock secures and prevents unauthorised access to kerbside bins, preventing waste contamination. The Lockwaste smart lock eliminates the hassles associated with traditional locks. Extensive research and testing informed the design of an optimal algorithm and innovative sensing technology, to create an effortless user experience. A system that automatically locks when awaiting kerbside pick-up and unlocks during rubbish collection.

  • Waste contamination of dry-recyclables and garden organics leads to increased processing costs, loss of recyclable yield, and an increase in landfill waste. Despite the best intentions of individual households, sorted recycled materials can be contaminated due to unauthorised dumping and incorrect classification of waste. Most of Australia’s material recovery facilities lack the technical capability to sort co-mingled, highly contaminated municipal waste, leading to large volumes of recycled materials ending up in landfill. Lockwaste prevents unauthorised access to a resident’s and commercial bins, protecting the integrity of the contents. No more overflowing bins and no more litter spilling into the streets.

  • •Access Control – Ability to control access with the touch of a button using the Lockwaste app. No padlocks, No keys, No hassle •Automatic Unlocking – The Lockwaste algorithm and smart sensors can detect when a garbage truck lifts the bin during emptying, automatically unlocking for easy waste removal •Hands-Free & Automatic Technology – Proximity sensing technology automatically locks the bin as it moves away from the owner's property to the kerbside, without any manual intervention •Tamper-Proof Design – Durable, IP-rated enclosure to suit all weather conditions, and to keep the bin locked even if knocked over •Easy Installation - Lockwaste can be easily attached to any standard bin, without the need for any complicated wiring •Energy Efficient – Low power design to maximise battery life. Auto-unlocks in the event of low battery