Breast Screen Victoria

  • 2019

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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  • Soul+Wolf

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Breast Screen Victoria

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As a central figure in women’s health, BreastScreen Victoria (BSV) aims to reduce the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis through early detection, ensuring all women have the best health outcome. With such ambition, a fresh new face in the digital space was the ideal driver to extend BSVs reach.

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  • The largest, and most important challenge of this project was understanding the various demographics and users who would be accessing the website and the technologies that they’d be using to do so. And from there, how do we serve them with the most relevant, screening-related information every step of the way. By following industry best practices we managed to develop a simple and easy to use website that enables users to locate and search for content with ease.

  • The solution needed to complement (and promote) online bookings with direct links to relevant information so women can make informed decisions on screening. Such information was to be presented in a way that positioned BSV as a thought leader in the industry, and though modern and sleek design, create a welcoming online user experience. The importance here was exacerbated by the diverse range of women (literacy levels, language diversities and translations), as such, the solution we have delivered cater for all the above needs of the users.

  • The website plays a critical role in distributing information about breast screening. This information, often time-critical and always sensitive, meant that it was imperative the website not only displayed information in a way that’s easy for users to digest, but simple for the BSV team to keep up to date. To do this and succeed, first and foremost we needed to consider the various demographics and user types who would be accessing the website. Once defined, UX-led design, coupled with several rounds of user testing and performance-driven, standards compliant development resulted in a website that far exceeded all expectations.

  • The website includes a number of unique features and user-friendly functions that makes it easy for users of all ages to find and access information. These key features includes: * Screening Locations Engine As part of the user journey (mentioned above) helping users find a screening location was developed with an extremely intuitive Mapping module that allowed for simple modification of many BreastScreen locations and (tracking) their mobile vans. With this module, users can find the closest BreastScreen location instantly. * MyBreastScreen Login & Bookings Another incredibly important feature of the website is the ability to easily access the user-specific ‘MyBreastScreen’ portal. This portal is not only a user’s gateway to all information regarding their screening, but allows them to make bookings and keep tabs on the frequency of appointments. * Multilingual Feature With such a broad demographic and ethnicity of users accessing the website, translatable content was critical for not only them, but for Health Professionals as well. * Careers Section With an ever growing presence, the ability for users to join BreastScreen Victoria’s journey was critical. The module allowed us to not only promote the career opportunities within the organisation, but have users apply for jobs online.