Kingsborough Village

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Creative Director - Colin Haining
  • Designer - Alicia Constantine
  • Illustrator - Alicia Constantine
  • Photography - Lightbulb Photography

Commissioned By:

John Gasson, Kingsborough Village

Designed In:


Kingsborough Village is an emerging community precinct in eclectic Kingston, Canberra, ACT. It’s inspired by the modern lifestyles of the people who live there and the area’s unique history. The brand keeps the community at front of mind, creating a personality-rich identity to engage its existing locals, and encouraging new members.

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  • Kingsborough's brand was originally created to serve the off-the-plan market to appeal in the pre-sale phase. As the development has evolved and the vision has grown to become a community, the brand didn't reflect this.

  • Our team repositioned the project with Kingsborough Village-Live the Good Life, Love Your Community. The new brand developed on the rich story, history, inspiration and variety of the architecture through a visual, illustrative and artistic approach. Our illustrative and typographic approach to placemaking has reflected this industrial, well-lived development. The identity now has an authentic personality that isn't just about sales, but a thriving community. Kingsbourough's website was developed to bypass real-estate channels, and be used a tool to enhance the neighbourhood, amenity and sales.

  • By encouraging a safe and vibrant environment for locals to interact, the project promises to improve the overall quality of life of the residents, hoping to act as a catalyst for future community-led urban living environments. By giving the precinct back to the people, they're able to take ownership of their living environment, and therefore take better care of it. Residents can grow their own vegetables, share a rooftop barbeque, or walk or cycle to nearby amenities. The illustrative characters and individual buildings, each resident can feel like they belong to a unique part of the wider Kingsborough community.

  • The Kingsborough campaign was aimed at attracting like-minded people with a focus on community and local activity. The identity challenges the expected property landscape through the use of bold typography and illustrative elements that consciously reflect the precinct's materials, environment and history. The contemporary build within a traditional landscape fostered this idea of a collaboration between the old and new. This is reflected in the use of contrasting elements such as the vibrant orange and bold type, alongside raw uncoated paper finishes. The inspiration from the unique forms of the architecture can be seen in the individual graphic drawings of the buildings, while the local industrial history is celebrated through a series of character illustrations. These elements are brought together through a brochure pack consisting of a Kingsborough specific brochure, brochure highlighting the Woolstore with individual floor-plans, and a large scale fold out map of the precinct. The website acts as a hub for the residents, providing an emotional connection to the community online. The community section includes a noticeboard with information on current events and activities. This encourages ongoing usage from the residents, rather than acting as a short-lived sales site.