Braums PX

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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BRAUMS wanted to expand its product offering and use its technology expertise gained from Traffic Lighting and LED technology to compete in a highly regulated and competitive market space to produce a disruptive design to comply to AS/NZA-1158 Pedestrian Area and Minor Road (Category P) LED Street Lights.

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  • The Design Challenge was to design and engineer the ‘best’ and most energy efficient P Category LED Street Luminaire from scratch within Australia to compete with long established reputations of existing overseas brands. Introducing the birth of the BRAUMS PX Luminaire.

  • The highly skilled and qualified BRAUMS engineering team, working in collaboration with Australia’s best Industrial Design consultancy (D+I) guaranteed that the BRAUMS PX Luminaire would be a world class product from its launch. The R&D program was a three-year exercise. The final product design solved all the technical requirements mandated by Industry Standards and merged them into a well balanced aesthetically pleasing solution.

  • The PX Luminaire has allowed BRAUMS to enter a new market segment and be a competitive alternative tender option from the current existing brands both locally and internationally. This is expected to create significant revenue and jobs growth for BRAUMS due to increased local and export revenue. Significant environmental impact benefits will be gained as it is the most energy efficient design in its class. From both a social and environmental perspective the PX offers benefits not only in greater energy efficiency but also less light pollution due to its enhanced optical design.

  • • Thermal dynamic of the heat sink incorporating circular and linear LED layouts following the use of FEA (Finite element analysis). • Rotational spigot mounting option for markets that require access to the gear chamber from the underside of the luminaire with built in spirit level. • Smart City ready, the PX can be easily integrated with to work with various smart city control and Intelligent Transport System platforms and IoT. • System Watts, at time of submission the BRAUMS PX light engine and fitting is the most energy-efficient P Category compliant LED street light registered on the AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator) table. • Incorporates toolless fastener system.