bamix Cordless Immersion Blender

  • 2023

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Bamix Switzerland

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The bamix® cordless offers a whole new level of convenience when it comes to food preparation. The bamix® cordless isn’t just a hand blender, but rather the world’s smallest food processor. With it’s brushless DC motor, it has a similar performance to wired bamix® utilising a high-end and lithium-ion battery.

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Image: bamix® cordless, black_standing
Image: bamix® cordless, black_Blender and Charger set_reclined
Image: bamix® cordless, black_LED
  • MORE
  • Producing an immersion blender with similar torque from a brushless DC motor to that of a wired model with an AC motor.

  • The engineering of the lithium-ion battery together with the cordless' DC motor, has been able to reproduce the performance of a high wattage AC motor.

  • The design has made it easier for commercial or domestic chefs to move with ease around the kitchen unrestricted. Allowing the user greater flexibility in a culinary environment.

  • The unique fast charger, which can be used horizontally, which is ideal for handling and use in a kitchen environment. The high rpm power and ergonomic control buttons make the use of the bamix® cordless feel effortless.