Botanical Planter Screens

  • 2018

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Helen Kontouris

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The Botanical Planter Screen is a response to the human need to connect with nature. Intertwined with active climbing plants, these double sided self watering mobile planter screens can be used indoors and out. Scientifically proven to accelerate air quality and to remove VOC’s, whilst improving productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

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  • The challenge: A recent study uncovered 87% of workers are disengaged. The average employee spends less than 5% of their day in an engaged flow. If you could increase that to 15%, overall workplace productivity would double. One person’s interruption is another’s interaction. Reduce distraction and you may threaten collaboration. Our challenge was to design an elegant, lightweight, moveable and modular screening solution, that provided people the freedom to create and balance both collaborative and focused environments. Simultaneously nourishing and supporting their well-being, creativity and state of flow (optimal state of feeling and performing at ones happiest and productive best).

  • Retreats to Royal Botanic Gardens to rejuvenate away from urban life became the inspiration - turning to Biophilic design principles, that connect people to nature in the built environment, proven to improve well-being and productivity. Mimicking the organic sensibilities of nature, the design intent was to be sculptural in form, whilst plants have time to mature; resembling trees with vascular branches the collection allows the climbing plant to flourish around the screen. Lightweight, self-watering, movable (wheels), modular and easily maintained, the screen provides people the freedom to create in collaborative group work or environments for solitude and focus

  • Working environments with natural elements, like the Botanical screens, report a 15% higher level of well being, 6% more productivity and 15% more creativity, than those devoid of nature. The result is increased emotional and cognitive engagement in their work and colleague relationships. People entering environments with natural greenery felt 15% happier and 32% more inspired. Combining indoor Ivy with the Botanical screens, provide a natural way of improving air quality whilst removing Volatile Organic Compounds and carbon dioxide, helping to neutralise the effects of sick building syndrome and reducing the cost of lost productivity due to stress-related illnesses.

  • The Botanical Screen Planters are the world's first double-sided self-watering indoor/outdoor mobile living planter screens. Whilst elegantly bringing nature indoors, the Botanical Planter Screens beautifully function outdoors in the harsh Australian sun, weather and water. The Botanical screens are designed for easy maintenance (they are designed to function without the requirement for battery-powered irrigation systems). The self-watering wicking method design, requires less manual watering, which in turn provides less opportunity for under watering plants to encourage greater plant health and longevity. The aluminium materials utilised in the manufacturing of the design is 100% recyclable (recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the initial energy consumed to create it) whilst utilising environmentally low impact and VOC free coatings. The Botanical screens can be used to create engaging environments in these areas both indoors and outdoors: - Acoustic sound absorbing screens. - Directional way-finding. - Living walls in small offices, apartments, courtyards and balconies. - Rejuvenating acoustic panels for healthcare environments aiding patient recovery. - Screening for entertainment areas. - Restaurant and Cafe food service zone screening. The Botanical Screens come in four styles: Acacia, Wattle, Waratah, and Banksia and are designed and manufactured in Australia. Design registration numbers: 201714528, 201714527, 201714529, 201714530