Blue Tongue Energy Park


The Blue Tongue Energy Park is an innovative, Australian renewable product providing significant green power production benefits to business, public and environment. Hot, exposed parking areas are transformed into cool spaces that integrate solar power generation, water harvesting, smart lighting and are aesthetically appealing to customers and business.

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Image: Warren Hall (all images) DJI Mavic pro drone
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  • 1. Provide a cost effective, sustainable energy car park solution aligned to environmental, public, commercial and customer needs, within a defined car park area. 2. Increase business affordability for energy car parks by developing streamlined production and building practices with an import resilient product using Australian materials and design expertise. 3. Maximise sustainable power output to significantly reducing grid power usage. 4. Design an aesthetic structure that reduces environmental exposure to people and vehicles by shading and processing of solar radiation. 5. Integration of service and maintenance systems, including lighting, water harvesting and advertising.

  • 1. Development of a future-proofed Australian product matching local economic and environmental conditions within a market affordable price envelope. 2. Design and building of structures for 100% protection of people and cars against sun, rain, hail and bird effects. 3. Reduction in size of center poles for cantilevered canopies by using Australian steel. 4. Achievement of a truly integrated solar car park system that is easy to maintain and upgrade 5. Zero panel shade, and lowering temperature co-efficient for BIPV structures 6. 100% sourcing of Australian, design, engineering, structural components and build teams.

  • Social : Improved customer experiences through enhanced local safety and security from hot or cold weather variations. Alignment with community expectations to reduce greenhouse emissions and positively contribute to a greener, cleaner, sustainable environment. Commercial : Significant reduction in electricity costs, retained and attracted new clientele, resulting in increased income and profit. Profit on under-utilized car park spaces (typically considered a non-profit, capital expense). Alignment with community sustainability expectations. Environmental : Reduction in green-house emissions by 2.5 tonnes per car space and collection of 5.2 cubic meters fresh rainwater per year. Sustainable Australian design reducing carbon footprints and reliance on grid power systems.

  • The positive social impact is growing from our test sites. There seems to be a high need for outdoor shade and weather protection in public spaces. Due to the economic advantages - hopefully more businesses will adopt this system. The public gets free shade - powered by the sun.