Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR

  • 2020

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    Consumer Electronics

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  • Blackmagic Design

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Blackmagic Design

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Video Assist 12G HDR is an integrated monitoring and recording device designed for professional video productions such as feature films, TV and documentaries. From just $795 it records uncompressed, high frame rate 4K video, enhancing cinema cameras and DSLRs whose proprietary compression formats degrade images and produce undesirable artefacts.

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  • Develop an affordable, professional monitoring solution capable of recording high-from rate 4K footage from a range of sources. Design a lightweight yet highly durable enclosure to cope with a variety of harsh conditions. Deliver an approachable, intuitive GUI with professional tools for accurate focus, framing and comprehensive diagnostic analysis. Include professional connections suitable for Hollywood quality cinematic workflows.

  • Used with high quality lenses the latest DSLR cameras are capable of producing high-end stills, but the quality of the video they record is limited by heavily compressed output formats. Used on TV productions like ABC’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’, Video Assist 12G HDR takes a HDMI signal directly from the camera, bypassing the DSLR’s compression to record professional broadcast quality Ultra HD video. By expanding the monitoring and recording capabilities of compact cinema cameras, DSLRs and tape-based camcorders, Video Assist enables creative teams and individuals to leverage existing production equipment to produce professional content for cinema and live broadcast.

  • Affordable, cinema quality recording and evaluation. High capital investment is one of the primary barriers for independent filmmakers and local broadcasters looking to produce high quality video content. Video Assist 12G HDR provides an affordable means of recording and assessing cinematic quality Ultra HD footage. Powered by two consumer DSLR batteries in remote applications and recording faultless Ultra HD video footage to fast, inexpensive standard SD cards, Video Assist 12G HDR negates the need for further investment in high-end camera equipment and bulky, expensive storage media.

  • A fail-safe design for professional production scenarios Recording uncompressed Ultra HD footage generates levels of heat that can significantly affect performance. Video Assist 12G HDR ensures on-going thermal stability and reliability in mission-critical situations, with recessed rear air vents providing constant airflow, even in confined spaces. Video Assist 12G HDR is built to cope with a range of professional production scenarios in which reliability is expected. Its rigid, CNC machined aluminium fascia and stainless steel threads ensure safe, secure mounting on various cameras, rigs and gimbals. Intelligent battery management software hot swaps batteries for uninterrupted recording. When connected to AC power, the batteries can be charged in parallel while Video Assist 12G HDR is in use.