Blackmagic HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Blackmagic Design

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HyperDeck Extreme is the world’s first 8K HDR broadcast recording deck, designed specifically for digital signage, archiving and live productions like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Its vivid 2500 nit 7” HDR touchscreen monitor is twice as bright as leading smartphones, offering gestural control and diagnostics through the intuitive Blackmagic OS.

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  • ‘To develop a future-proof recording deck that prepares broadcasters for emerging large-scale 8K workflows.’ Design an intuitive and physical user interface that enables immediate access to core functionality and control of multiple recording decks. Overcome the technical challenges of recording and monitoring high-quality 8K footage. Engineer a highly reliable solution capable of withstanding the unprecedented processing demands of 8K in mission-critical applications.

  • The world’s first 8K HDR broadcast recording deck, the HyperDeck Extreme is a future-proof design prepared for the coming surge of 8K live productions like the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Recording native 8K files using space-saving H.265 files, it maintains exceptional image quality without the storage costs. Pairing an intuitive touchscreen interface with familiar physical controls, it controls up to eight recording decks. Its hierarchical layout uses tactile cues and refined materiality to delineate functional zones, with a search dial with electronic clutch adapts to the active search mode for responsive media control.

  • As global streaming services become more prevalent, it is becoming increasingly important to preserve cultural diversity by maintaining localised content. The HyperDeck Extreme solves this issue by providing institutions and archival houses with an affordable means of converting legacy programming to high quality streaming content. Recording and editing 8K directly from up to eight traditional video tape decks, the professional analog inputs of HyperDeck Extreme allow efficient conversion of legacy programs to high quality streaming content suitable for the likes of Netflix, Amazon and other services.

  • The logistical challenges of monitoring multiple 8K inputs during a live event are significant. The HyperDeck Extreme facilitates direct physical control of up to eight recording decks, allowing producers to respond to unpredictable, changing conditions with instant, simultaneous adjustments to multiple feeds. The HyperDeck Extreme uses high speed, Quad-Link 12G-SDI connections to record and playback full resolution 8K. This comes with challenges, mainly regarding the file size and cost of storaging those files. To allow common CFast cards to record live 8K footage, space-saving H.265 files are used, reducing storage costs while maintaining the exceptional image quality required for 8K televisions and projectors. Dual CFast card slots allow swapping of cards even while recording, allowing for infinite length recordings. Small, fast and affordable, a single 1TB card can store over 23 hours of H.265 8K footage at 60 fps. For additional flexibility, a USB-C expansion port allows recording of high-end ProRes 8K files to fast, high capacity external flash disks, controllable via the touchscreen. To cope with the unprecedented demands of live 8K workflows, the HyperDeck Extreme possesses an innovative ‘cross-flow’ thermal system that moves air laterally between adjacent products, ensuring on-going performance in high pressure live broadcast situations.