Blackmagic ATEM Camera Controller

  • 2019

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Blackmagic Design

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The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel is used for the remote control of live cameras up to 2km away, allowing real-time adjustments to iris, shutter and colour balance. Designed specifically for live TV broadcasts, it allows simultaneous control of four cameras for less than one traditional camera control module.

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  • ‘To deliver an affordable, professional camera control solution that empowers independent producers to create engaging professional live broadcasts, regardless of budget or technical expertise.’ Develop a compact, versatile product architecture that allows quick set-up and effortless portability. Create a rational, intuitive control layout that fosters an intrinsic connection between user and camera, enhancing productivity and eliminating errors in high pressure live situations. Consider live production workflows and ergonomics for comfortable simultaneous control of multiple cameras. Engineer a highly durable enclosure capable of withstanding the rigours of on-location work.

  • The Camera Control Panel’s hierarchical layout of physical controls, organised into clear functional zones, ensures instinctive control of critical functionality. Bespoke, multi-axis joysticks possess refined haptics for simultaneous, single-handed tuning of iris and black levels. Unlike traditional controllers it does not require desk installation, ensuring efficient, flexible set-up and exceptional portability. The Blackmagic Camera Control Panel has disrupted the conservative live broadcast industry, adopted by Grammy nominated artists such as The Pretenders and American rock band Fall Out Boy on its worldwide MANIA tour.

  • The ultra-portable Camera Control Panel democratises broadcast-quality switcher control, offering direct, responsive cont¬rol through an intuitive physical interface. No longer required to compromise on creativity, performance or efficiency, individuals, institutions and even novice users are empowered to explore new, innovative, approaches to live broadcasting regardless of location. This has significant cultural benefits, in that professional execution is no longer determined by affordability or technical expertise. With a highly diverse user base now able to access high-end camera control technology, a vast range of creative ideas can now be expressed in a professional manner, unconstrained by the limitations of inferior technology.

  • Disrupting the status quo The prohibitive cost of multi-camera control systems, many costing over $12,000 for a set of four, precludes all but the most well-resourced studios and Television networks from producing truly professional live broadcasts. Requiring desk mounting in a studio or outside broadcast van they are often unsuitable for smaller operations looking to move quickly between projects on shoe-string budgets and temporary infrastructure. Inexpensive software-based alternatives are complex and slow to navigate; in fast-paced, unpredictable live situations, such inefficiency could be the difference between a compelling broadcast and a failure. Enhancing Broadcast Workflows During intense live broadcasts operators must remain focused on multiple inputs simultaneously, continually responding to instructions from demanding producers. Designed for live productions like concerts and sporting events, the ultra-compact Camera Control Panel allows remote real-time adjustments to technical settings like iris, shutter and colour balance. This leaves camera operators free to focus on the creative aspects of live production such has framing and composition.