BES878 Barista Pro Espresso Machine

  • 2019

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Breville Global Design Team

Commissioned By:

Breville Group

Designed In:


The Barista Pro was designed to deliver all the key elements to make café quality coffee simply at home: a fully integrated conical burr grinder, an instantaneous ‘ThermoJet’ precision heater with powerful steam and an intuitive display within a sophisticated durable stainless casing in a compact footprint.

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  • The challenge from the brief was to introduce the new visual design language and expand the espresso range to maintain dominance in a competitive market space in the fastest time possible. Additionally integrate the digitally controlled instant heat up ‘ThermoJet’ heater: Espresso requires stable temperatures over a long duration with varying pressures. The goal was to reach optimum extraction temperature within 3 seconds with +/- 2° precision. Also particle size is critical to ground coffee for espresso – burr heads need <0.1mm increment adjustment – How can this be done with minimal parts in smallest space?

  • Concept to production was achieved within a record 11 months: Traditionally successive iterative models are created from CAD which takes months so hand clay modelling was employed - continually making changes on the fly with one model this development time was dramatically reduced to just 4 weeks. Integration of the Thermojet system, thermo/hydrodynamic calculations were created to develop unique embedded software to achieve consistent, precise temperature and flow rate delivery. The new compact and precise belt drive and gearbox system for the grinder was designed as a sub assembly that will be incorporated into other products.

  • Espresso machines are high energy consumers - This system, with instant heat up and almost zero power consumption on standby, makes this machine power and time efficient. Take-away coffee has an environmental cost from waste cups. Whole beans provide the opportunity to taste a variety of flavours and a huge saving of over $900 per year. Breville is a world leader in domestic espresso – globally this model will be distributed 300,000 annually. It represents Breville’s food thinking strategy. The R&D investment will be leveraged across Breville’s product portfolio representing a significant return on investment in the future.

  • The sophisticated form in Stainless Steel was achieved with new complex multi stage deep drawing tooling techniques designed to massage the steel into the flowing, durable and smooth easy to clean shape. This eliminates corrosion from casting materials used on previous models. The unique single molding grind cradle was engineered to ‘suck’ the handle into position whilst allowing the portafilter to slide forward and activate in one single smooth intuitive action. Patented system to automatically change grind dose volume when user chooses filter size. With high production volumes manufacturing assembly and servicing simplicity was re-imagined for the next generation: A sophisticated 6-way tooled glass filled polymer monocoque chassis was developed to simplify assembly shortening the production line and reducing servicing time and components. Parts were re-used from previous models to standardize inventory and streamline production costs. Re-imagined drip tray gives 30% larger work area for the user. All space is utilized: Cord stuff is tucked into the base molding and removes 2 extra moldings and extra assembly process and an area reserved for a storage tray. The LCD display was a ground up design incorporating intuitive graphics better communicating the process and pleasing animations were created added value fun.