Batavia Transformer

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Batavia GmbH

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The Transformer from Batavia GmbH is a rugged and modern solution for tradesman and DIYers. A combination stepladder and work bench with adjustable height tray and several smart features to provide assistance on the job, the Transformer provides four functions to make the task at hand easier and safer.

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  • Designed with a focus on safety and stability, the Transformer opens to provide an extra deep and wide stance to prevent the feeling of instability experienced on smaller step ladders. Furthermore, the oversized steps provide a stable platform on which to perform the elevated task, to help minimize the risk of slippage and loss of balance.

  • The lower step can be unlocked and rotated upwards to lock into the safety bar at the top of the ladder, next to the tool tray. This transforms the product from a stepladder to a portable worktable in seconds, with a convenient tray right beside it to store those small tools that tend to always roll away. Equipped with holes for table top clamps, the Transformer provides for a quick onsite worktable without the need to carry both a ladder and separate worktable.

  • The Transformer is equipped with rugged feet and stand-offs to allow it to be turned on its side to provide widely spaced support for large sheet material. Handy when needing to cut to size with a circular saw or jigsaw. This provides a work surface elevated from the ground for better access and safer operation.

  • The tool tray is mounted to movable arms, which extend from the two front stiles. Simply depress the release buttons at the top of both stiles, and lift upwards to give an extra 180mm height to bring your tools closer to you when standing on the top step and provide a raised safety rail.

    When finished working, the Transformer folds away flat, to less than 140mm deep. With a maximum load rating of 150kg, the Transformer provides a strong and versatile ladder/workbench combination that takes up minimal space when stored in the shed or van.